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    Hi everyone,
    Im building a new prototype case.
    This is the second part of the project, the box is to be built in aluminium sheet with one to three millimeters thick, possibly for the foreseeable future be added brass.
    For now are the pictures in cad and the model.
    I hope you enjoy .
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    The hole thread lies in:

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    I like the idea of putting the power supply behind the motherboard, makes wiring much easier to hide and organize, the ovarall look is nice and edgy, and airflow is definately there, personally i wouldnt change anything from the basic prototype you came up with, it seems fine to me.

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    Thanks Fearlessmoto, the idea of changing anything in the outside is set aside, Im just following the cad specs because of the tridimensional angles, but the inside case there maybe occur some changes when I get there.

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    Hello modders, after the paper comes the aluminium. The top and the front with base in rehearsal, so far so good.
    Stay close for more news.
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    The brick and iron do not count.

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    Name:  cooling_solutions.png
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    News for today,
    Presenting my first sponsor, EKWB with great stuff,
    My many thanks for Peter and his team for sending me the following cool products:

    1 - EK-RAM Monarch X4 - Acetal + Nickel CSQ
    2 - EK-RAM Monarch module black
    1 - EK-Coolstream XTX 360 radiator
    1 - EK-Supremacy CSQ- Acetal+ Nickel
    1 - EK-DCP 4.0 ( 12 V DC pump)

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    Ill use that wisely

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    Hi there, before the 14 year arrives here is an update,
    with the lateral fronts with acrylic and also the slim drive for playing the first diablo ( later, much much later).
    The rear part is to be replaced.
    For now on it will be rush time, there are to many things to do until deadline.
    By the way,Im building this case for Cooler Master Casemod 2013 Competition.Name:  _C313858.jpg
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    Hi modders,
    Un update for the day,
    The rear and center parts and some hardware from graveyard to see how it looks,
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    Good news, for today a small update,
    Improved motherboard screws.
    Before, screws screwed, one gets away,
    Name:  _1123932.jpg
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    The new one, before and after worked,
    Name:  _1123935.jpg
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    There it is the fugitive,
    Name:  _1123941.jpg
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    And there shall be two eyes so we can look inside and see beast soul.Name:  _1173984.jpg
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    Hello everyone, an update for today, the side doors.
    After losing a week in idleness, also because I was waiting of the glass to be able to continue the work.
    Another issue is the fact that I have delayed ordering the connectors,
    as that only arrived in March I've dropped out of order, and so my work grows more than expected.

    The two doors already with glasses on.
    Name:  _1304028.jpg
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    Small detail of labor with drill, jigsaw and a bit of sanding,
    Name:  _1304032.jpg
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    Fixing with brass,
    Name:  _1304046.jpg
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    Small adventure making fittings, true will come at leak test,
    Name:  _1304041.jpg
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    After spending more than 40 hours on the doors since the last post,
    in order to reduce working hours I'm going to need a machine for cutting/drilling/router type linear machining,
    apart from the fact that I am satisfied with the work and labor, I also need idle time to muster weird stuff.
    That's all for now.
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