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Thread: DotaBox Scratch build pc case

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    Talking DotaBox Scratch build pc case

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share my little scratch build. It's called "DotaBox".

    Name:  dota box concept by LD.jpg
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    It's just basically a Mini Itx case that I made for myself. Planning on making it as an HTPC system with a little bit of gaming on it (Dota 2).

    I basically used pine wood for the build with a few corner braces. The inside wall to wall dimension of it is (hopefully) 10" x 10" x 10".

    The build type that I am planning on throwing in the system will be an "APU" type config.
    Here are the specs that I have in mind:

    AMD A10-7850k
    Radeon R7 260x (Optional)
    Gigabyte F2A88XN wifi
    8 to 16gb of RAM
    120GB SSD
    3TB HDD
    A Corsair H80i AiO (I alread have an H100i and I modded the cover to match the theme of my build, Name:  h100i dota 2 mod.jpg
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Size:  38.3 KB)
    3 120mm Cooler Master JetFlow Blue fans (for the sides)
    1 230mm Bitfenix fan (Top)
    SilverStone 450w SFX Gold power supply

    The case is still not 100% complete yet since I need to re-do the paint, a bit more sanding and spacers between the wall of the case and the logo.

    Name:  Finished acrylic sheet cutout for the dota logo.jpg
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    Name:  My work bench.jpg
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    Name:  qimCuxe.jpg
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    Name:  UV Green Acrylic sheet for the logo.jpg
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    Name:  20140608_140412.jpg
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    Name:  Acrylic sheet cutout for the other 3 logos.jpg
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    Name:  AEdtSh7.jpg
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    Name:  attempt 1 for the case walls.jpg
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    Name:  Dota2 Logo acrylic cutout.jpg
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    Name:  Dota2 Logo cutout from Pine wood.jpg
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    Name:  Dota2 Logo pine wood and acrylic sheet glow test 1.jpg
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    Name:  DotaBox bare case 2.jpg
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    Name:  DotaBox bare case 3.jpg
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    Name:  DotaBox bare case 4.jpg
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    Name:  DotaBox bare case 5.jpg
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    Name:  DotaBox bare case.jpg
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    Name:  DotaBox glow test.jpg
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    Name:  DotaBox Lights off.jpg
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    Name:  DotaBox Lights on.jpg
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    Name:  DotaBox side glow.jpg
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    I still need to do some work next week. I just ordered the motherboard and power supply so I could start making some holes on the back side of the case.
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    Thank you for the*informative*post.

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