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Thread: How cold can you go?

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    How cold can you go?

    What is the coldest you have gotten a CPU and or Case on air cooling?
    Could you even be in the same room when the PC was running from all the fan noise?

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    How cold can you go?

    The coldest I have ever gotten my cpu on air was 20c. It was last winter and close to -10c outside so I though what the hell, I opened my window till my room got to around 10c and I was surpirsed to see how cool my cpu was. Overclocked at 2.8GHz @ 1.5v my 3700+ was idleing at 20c and loading at 22c, pretty crazy.

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    How cold can you go?

    I would say that was pretty darn cold!

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    How cold can you go?

    Coldest it gets around here (outside) would probably be 21C, so if i do open all my might run at 40-45c. Lowest i've seen it at was 39 on idle.

    And im looking to buy watercooling now, i can't stand the fan sound when I'm trying to sleep. -_-

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    How cold can you go?

    My computer room gets chilly in the winter and I can get my CPU down to 30c. Not that great really.

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    How cold can you go?

    Coldest I ever gotten mine was 25c. Although my computer sounds like its ready to take off or something.

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    How cold can you go?

    my absolute coldest was 25c on air but my room temp was 16c and my fan was booking also only for a breif time ...

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    How cold can you go?

    ive gotten my 754-pin 64 3000+ to 25C on aircooling with only one case fan, and the cpu fan. in a custom, really really tiny case, but it idled for 2 hours at that temp.

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    How cold can you go?

    Gasp.. I live in my basement.. My proc runs at a(n almost) constant temp of 25c, ambient is 22c..
    That's with 3x120 fans, hsf, and of course, constant basement temps around 20C..

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    How cold can you go?

    Wow that's a cold basement. :P

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