Hi guys,

Finally finish it and effectively not every component is brand new, I am not a computer gamer, cut down cost is first thing. But I am a big fan of comics and this old batmobile is my collection. When I was fixing it, I came to realise that I could put computer parts in this old toy and then I started assembling a special batmobile-computer.

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To begin with, I emptied the inner parts of this batmobile. I added many LED colour lights to it without decreasing the strength of the structure.
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I am not very good at printing, So the worn bits on the surface were re-polished with carbon-fibre skin stickers.
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I removed any redundant parts on the inner chasis and installed the power/restart button. Indicator lights are installed for this button as well as the hard drive.
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To make space for the msata hard disk, I emptied the rear of the chassis. An iron plate was also added to enhance the strength of the chassis.
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Due to the lack of space at the sides and rear, I could only weld wires for connecting the hard disk at the bottom of the motherboard. Same for HDMI extension socket. A cover is then applied on top of the disk for protection and strength enhancement.
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Motherboard installed on the chassis.
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A transparent window is cut on the CPU fan. I have also decorated this window by putting LED lights by the edge. The fan is assembled on the top of CPU heat sink.
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Power socket for the computer is at the rear of the car and connected to the ITX MINI power supply which is at the top of the batmobile.
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The top cover of the batmobile is put back onto the chassis after USB wireless LAN card and Bluetooth adaptor were assembled to the front.
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Installing the windows operating system.
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Now the batmobile is transformed into a computer
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Size in comparison to an Amazon Kindle Fire.it just 33cm long,18cm wide , 17cm hight .NOT the 1/6 28" RC batmobile.
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Sockets at the rear.
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The Motherboard and cpu is from my friend`s old PC, it is:
Intel I5 3470S
Gigabyte H61n-usb3
Kingston 8GB DDR3
Crucial Msata 120GB and Msata to Sata card
12V ITX PSU + 160W power AC

After decades of rapid development, the performance of laptops has improved so much while the price of it kept decreasing. Because of this, people tend to choose laptops or tablets for their daily use and there’s a tendency that desktops will eventually become a history. However, the joy of assembling a really cool desktop is something laptops or tablets could never provide.