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Thread: Whats that smell?

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    Whats that smell?

    I don't know about you but the smell of a burnt up power supply is the worst! It taked forever to get of that stinky, funky smell.

    I remember coming home one time, opened the front door and BAM! The smell and the fear hits you at once!

    WTF? Is the house on fire? What, wait the smell is coming from the ONCE RUNNING computer...AH $H!@

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    Whats that smell?

    It does suck when a power supply burns up, especially when it takes other parts of the computer with it. I was gaming on my old computer when I heard an electrical sound, I take off my headphones and then my computer shuts off with smoke pouring out the back. It took my video card and hard drive with it. It just teaches you to always buy high quality power supplies.

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    Whats that smell?

    I had a psu go out right before my little problem with my video-card drivers the smell still lingers in my room even with my fan blowing in clean air from outside

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    Whats that smell?

    I know it's a bad smell, but hot bondo smells much, much worse.

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    Whats that smell?

    lol happend to me over the summer (R.I.P hipro) got my ThermalTake psu which isnt much better but its sexy !!!!

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    Whats that smell?

    was in my bed room one day, and our study used to be across the hall from our bed room (our computers are now in the living room)....
    (sniff... sniff...)

    Nobody was using it... it was sitting there on a screen saver... the WinXP default saver even... not drawing any power...

    bo-funky ozone scent wafting all through the room...

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    Whats that smell?

    haven't burnt a PSU... (yet...) :P

    tho, its cool when you hear the capacitors explode xD (was at my schoolmate's and it went kabaam ;= )

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    Whats that smell?

    never had a psu burn out (and i've had quite a few crappy ones, still do on crappy computers) but i did find an old black and white printer when i moved into a new house, and when i plugged in its adapter, thick dark grey smoke started to creep out. Took a couple hours to air out the smell, even though the room was right next to the front door.

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    Whats that smell?

    i think i have one smell to rule them all. I once had a roommate make some mac and cheese, except when he microwaved it, he forgot the water. so when he opened the microwave, a wave of black smoke filled the kitchen and his mac was black and bubbling. made the whole house stick. lol

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    Whats that smell?

    Burnt popcorn....WOW is it strong and stays around for a long time.

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