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    Calling all gamers, modders, overclockers, and everyone else who just loves this stuff. Our business (Tech Remedy), is raising money to build a custom PC desk for Parker, a recently turned teenager in our local area that was just diagnosed with leukemia. He just recently discovered the world that is PC gaming on an old ASUS laptop, and then was diagnosed. Our goal is to create an experience for him that he didn't even know was possible. Chemotherapy has been taking a toll on his day to day and we would like to give him something to make this time a little more enjoyable.

    We have raised a little over $500 through local fundraisers so far. Now we come to you, the PC building community. You all understand how much joy something like this will bring to a teenager. We have set a budget of $2500 that will cover our build. This will be from the ground up, parts included in the budget: Motherboard, CPU, PSU, RAM, HDD's, Fans, CPU cooler, Desk, Lights, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones, modification materials, and of course age appropriate games. We haven't set anything in stone as far as components go, donations will determine that.

    We will be donating our time and expertise to this build and would very much appreciate any type of support you can give. We are looking to start the build no later than September 14th.

    What will you get in return? Our build guide of course! That and a warm feeling for giving Parker the best possible welcome into the community that we all love.

    Our fundraising page if you would like to donate online: PC for Parker

    Knowing how skeptical our community can be, here are some links showing that this is legitimate. Our Facebook Page
    Feature on our local news station

    We welcome any questions or comments you might have and look forward to showcasing our build here. Please feel free to PM if you have any insights or suggestions.

    Thank you in advance for any form of contribution you can make.
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