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Thread: Need some help

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    Need some help

    Doing some work for my A+software class. What are the current supported and unsupported versions of windows and which are considered current and which uncurrent. I have my thoughts but I'm not entirely certain. I tried to find them but just got aggrivated. :x

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    Need some help

    Unsupported = Windows. 3.0, 3.1, and I think they may have finally giving up on 98.

    Supported would be XP (all version), Windows 2000, All versions of Windows Server, and I think Windows M.E. Some one might need to correct me on that one.

    Oh I think Windows NT might be on the Unsupprted list as W2K was the upgrade for it.

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    Need some help

    Both NT and M.E. are in fact unsupported. Along with the unmentioned but obvious 95..

    I happen to have both nt and m.e. and only 1 other os too...

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    Need some help

    Yeah I forgot about 95, but remembered when I went to bed. I figured some one would at it to the list.

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    Need some help

    well the whole windows 9.x is unsupported, but there were a couple other versions i wasn't sure of. ty

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