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Thread: the 'which car is this'-game

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    the 'which car is this'-game

    Hi there.

    I've played this game on a dutch community forum with 'bout 200+ people, and the thread was rated 4 out of 5 stars still going since december 2005, so let's see if it's cool enough here too to play.

    The rules are as simple as this:

    Someone posts a part of a car (side/exhaust area, topview) which doesn't show the car itself. For example, you post the right headlight, and we must guess what car it is. Very simple.

    Post any car you want, built after 1929 (older cars are very difficult to ID).

    The one who posted the image of the part of the car, must post the winners name ánd the picture of the whole (same) car you took the little image from.

    After that post, the winner may take the lead

    So, whadda ya think ? Let's go.. I'll kick off:

    Hints may be posted while posting a carpart image, but it's not necessary. But here's my hint: This car was built by a cardesigner who's first name starts with a E, the same name belongs to a 2003 car from this brand.
    Should be easy

    Have fun.

    Scoring :

    Cars picked that didnt get guessed.
    Tazz - 64 Ply Belvedere

    Cars correctly guessed.
    Tazz = 2
    novaforme = 2
    thegrimone = 1

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    the 'which car is this'-game

    I was going to say it was a porsche (spelling?) but with thte E-bit im guessing its some sort of Ferrari...


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    the 'which car is this'-game

    kinda warm

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    the 'which car is this'-game

    I want to say it is a Fiat, but I don't know the actually name of the car.

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    the 'which car is this'-game

    fiat pff .. no, but it doés start with an F .. the brand .. :P

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    the 'which car is this'-game

    Ferrari 206 GT

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    the 'which car is this'-game

    feck .. you're right :S ..

    it IS the Ferrari 206 GT, better known as the Ferrari Dino.

    here's a full pix:

    It's your turn now

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    the 'which car is this'-game

    This one could be a little tougher for the younger crowd.

    Hint = One of the fastest production cars of its era.

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    the 'which car is this'-game

    1965 Chevelle

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    the 'which car is this'-game

    Go ahead, post a new one.

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