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Thread: NZXT Trinity Case

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    NZXT Trinity Case

    While looking at the NZXT Trinity I liked the shade of metal parts.
    It was not a chrome or a charcoal, they had a goldish color to them.
    The door was not huge/heavy. Personally I like short fat cases but
    this is the first taller case that I have liked. Windows, I usually do
    not care for them but this one looked like it could withstand a little abuse.
    The fan grills on the side I usually don't care for either, but with the
    mesh it gave it the extra POP that it needed.

    Read the Review Here.

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    NZXT Trinity Case

    Great review and that case is sorta sexy. It has a very similar layout to the Silverston TJ05 that I have. Which is great. I too had a hard time figuring out what that case lock was. It is useless on the Silverstone as well. The only thing I don't like about the case is the location of the fan on the side window. Thats purely subjective and a personal thing but none the less it bugs me. The rest seems pretty nice and it would be fun to mod for sure. Again great job.

    One question though. When you click on the wee pics are they supposed to blow up to larger pics?

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    NZXT Trinity Case

    I have seen that Review somewhere before :lol:

    Oh Yeah!


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    NZXT Trinity Case


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