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    Casemod Bulgar

    Hi everyone my name is Mickee from the Philippines and I would like to share this build in this community, The

    Idea is to make a modular test bench in a Thermaltake Core X71. Wish me luck!

    Here is what I have in mind but I really suck at following plans basically it might change later down the line

    Here is the Core X71

    To kick things off lets start to strip the case down.

    They were really easy to remove.

    For this batch I used a drill to take out the riveted parts.

    I'm really not an expert in sleeving that is why I use sleeved extensions on my builds but I want to try it out


    Clean looking cables from the front I/O would be nice.

    The front audio cord needs to be stripped off its rubber coating because I only have 3mm sleeves.

    I am very slow at this lol this took me about 30 minutes.

    And yes! but I don't know where I can get a sleeve that would fir the USB 3.0 cable


    Lets unbox them!!

    Lets start with the memory modules

    The 1000G Power Supply

    Superb packaging!

    I am going to sleeve them later down the line.

    Lovin' the hammered finish

    The Z170 Classified K Motherboard

    Shroud for the rear I/O


    EVGA Classfied 980ti

    Very nice! we have bonus items

    Going back to the card itself.

    It is massively awesome!

    That was a blast!

    Going back to the case

    The case has temporarily lost its rigidity when the motherboard tray and rear panel was removed so aluminum bars

    the rescue! I like using aluminum bars because they are easy to cut and file.

    I also gave the case a little tilt

    It not super sturdy yet but it will be later

    3mm Acrylic will serve as out motherboard tray for this project, some cutting and measuring.

    Aluminum bars for the skeletal system of the modular test bench.

    So those are all that I have so far, I am working on the measurements them cut them altogether then screw or have them riveted to the relevant points.

    Next update will be on the weekend, see ya!

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    A few updates for now, I have always used sleeved extensions on my

    previous builds so I am not an expert in sleeving but this time I am

    giving it a shot and I would like to get it out of the way because I am

    really slow at this. Color of the sleeves are Black, Carbon and very

    little white on the 24 pin cable.

    So here we go

    A good friend gave me one of his DIY pin extractor, thanks man!

    Here is the 24 Pin cable.

    Cables for the GPU

    EPS 12V

    and some other shots

    I haven't done the Sata and 4 pin molex yet because I ran out of Carbon

    sleeves So I have slow progress right now but I think that it's

    better than none

    Thanks and see you on the next update

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    At first I was surprised EVGA didn't sponsor their custom sleeved cables as well as I know they have one, but then I saw your great sleeving work and how it turned out. Those carbon colors are nice.

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