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Thread: Aurora squad

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    Aurora squad

    New mod inspired by the film "Suicide Squad"

    The case for this mod is the Bitfenix Aurora with Tempered Glass Side Panels

    The sleeving will be done with the cables Alchemy2.0 individual individual wires

    The Specs are:

    Motherboard: Asrock 990FX EXTREME3

    Graphics Card: soon

    Ram:16 Gb AVEXIR Blitz1.1 Series - DDR3 (4x4Gb)

    Power supply: Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 850W

    Fans: Bitfenix Spectre Xtreme LED Fans (Green)

    CPU: AMD FX-8320 Box Processore AM3+

    SSD: Kingston HyperX SHSS37A/120G Savage SSD


    and for the water cooling:

    MAGICOOL G2 Slim Radiator
    Phobya Balancer 250 Silver Nickel
    EK00041 EK-Supremacy EVO
    Alphacool VPP655 PWM Top Plexy
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    another photo of the case Bitfenix Aurora and the fans that I will use

    and the spectre extre led

    and the RAM: 16 Gb AVEXIR Blitz1.1 Series - DDR3 (4x4Gb)

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    The case BitFenix Aurora is designed to support up to two 280 mm radiators on the top and front and a radiator 120 mm at the rear and includes a bracket to mount the tank.

    I'll have the same slightly modify the chassis to put a radiator 360 on the front ....

    Let us mark the cut

    and with the new trusted friend for trimming

    and with a little patience, a dozen discs, a 15 minutes to cutting and I can mount the 360 mm radiator stuffed with 3 BitFenix specter led extreme!

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    I love how even your worklogs are following the theme. Looking forward to the build.

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