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Thread: Crazy PC Hardware Mod, POS 2008 PC to Gaming Rig

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    Crazy PC Hardware Mod, POS 2008 PC to Gaming Rig

    Out of Money, Want a PC but all you have are spare parts and a POS HP Slimline From 2008?

    First you gut out parts for space, and Install newer Hardware but wait.....
    ATX PSU connector is small and newer HD takes more Power and theres no room for a good Video card and HD only supports IDE so Read/Write speeds are gonna suck.

    1. Remove DVD Drive, Expansion Slot, PCI Wifi Card, PSU & Original Shitty HD
    "Now you got room for a Nice Video Card but not enough Power"
    2. Replace Original HD with Read/Write Speeds between 45-67mb a second With an SSD
    "But Bios has no Advanced Options so no ONLY IDE & no AHCI so Still Shitty Speeds"
    3. Need a PSU with enough juice but that will fit old small ATX power on old Motherboard.
    "No PSU with small connecter to power all this, hhmm What would Macgyver do?"

    ---Well This is What I Did---

    Custom Wired my 750W PSU that was for an LGA 2011 board by cutting the connector from original PSU and individually wiring all 24 wires to the 750W PSU.
    Installed a GTX 670 with the extra space.
    Installed a 250GB SSD
    "Installed custom BIOS to get Advanced settings to change from IDE to AHCI"
    Added 4GB of Memory

    ATX Custom Wiring


    PC Mod Complete


    ---Feelin Proud---

    Boots Fast
    Plays Just Cause 2 on MAX Settings with no Lag

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