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Thread: The Crimson King - CM MasterCase5 casemod [Feb 1, 2017]

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    The Crimson King - CM MasterCase5 casemod [Feb 5, 2017]

    With the new Dark Tower movie coming up this summer, based on the series by Stephen King, I got really excited. Excited enough to do a Dark Tower themed mod.

    But I found I still had some excitement left over...enough for maybe another mod...hmmm...

    And so starts the story of the Crimson King, or rather, my Crimson King mod. The Crimson King of the Dark Tower series is the main antagonist. Similar to our notion of Satan, the Crimson King is a shape-shifter and referred to as "the great scuttering spider-king". He embodies the ideas of chaos, anarchy, and evil. Though Roland, The Gunslinger, faces many different foes on his journey to the Dark Tower, the Crimson King is the orchestrator of it all. In fact, he is the cause for the decay of Roland's world, hoping to bring down the Dark Tower and bring about Discordia, or a state of chaos and anarchy. The same chaos and anarchy that Roland is trying to stop. The Crimson King is the evil to Roland's good, the black to Roland's white.

    In an interesting side note, a lot of characters from the Dark Tower series cross over to other King novels, like Father Callahan from King's Salem's Lot. The Crimson King first appeared in Insomnia, and shares the characteristic shape-shifting and final spider-like appearance of Pennywise, or It, from King's It.

    To capture the evil vs. good relationship of the Crimson King to the Gunslinger, I'm going to be using the same Cooler Master Mastercase5 Maker and basic design that my Gunslinger build is using, but tweaked a bit. Mirrored, to capture their opposite sides of the spectrum, but using similar hardware and themed to the Crimson King. This build will be the evil twin or, perhaps, the doppelganger of the Gunslinger.

    So, let's start off with a case...a Mastercase.

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    "Come, come, come. You progress, gunslinger! Oh, how I envy you. We make great magic together, you and I. You kill me no more than you kill yourself. Mother-may-I? Yes-you-may." - Walter O'Dim, The Gunslinger

    And then, as usual, let's gut the case.

    First up is a new back panel. Luckily, I've already got the design figured out.

    Same with the floor of the case. Measure then duplicate.

    It's almost like this thing is on rails, LOL!

    Now we're getting to the point that it might be a good idea to figure out what's going into this build.

    First off for the MB will be the Asus Z170 Pro Gaming. The non-Aura Pro Gaming, and conveniently red.

    In the Pro Gaming's socket will be an Intel Core i5 6600K.

    And for RAM, I'm using 16 GB of G.SKILL TridentZ 3200 DDR4 RAM. Also, conveniently red.

    On the graphics front, I'll be using another Nvidia GTX980Ti.

    And powering all this will be a Cooler Master V1000 PSU.

    In order to keep the i5 and the 980Ti running cool, the beautiful people at Swiftech have entrusted me with a few goodies.

    First off, an Apogee XL2 CPU block with the Iris LED controller.

    And for the 980Ti, A Komodo NV TITAN X Luxury Edition. Damn it's pretty!

    Also from Swiftech, a D5 pump setup with this gorgeous acrylic top.

    Finishing off the cooling duties will be a Primochill CTR res.

    And a Bitspower 360mm Leviathan Slim radiato.

    And a very special thanks goes out to Swiftech for sponsoring some awesome cooling products!

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    "Shake the hand that shook the world." - Randal Flagg/Walter O'Dim, The Waste Lands

    (On a side note: If you've read The Stand, yes, that Randal Flagg.)

    Now that I've got a back panel and a floor, and I know what's going inside, I can bend out a new motherboard tray. Luckily, I had the measurements from the Gunslinger, so it was easy as pie!

    And then trimming down the ends.

    You might wonder why I leave extra on the ends that I have to cut off. At this thickness, 2mm, my brake needs a bit of material to get leverage on, about 2-2.5". Less than that and it doesn't bend, but rather it tries to push the sheet back under the clamping bar. It's a small price to pay for getting good bends.

    And the tray mounted, reversed from the Gunslinger build.

    Getting the motherboard sorted out.

    The I/O panel and PSU holes.

    Now I'm ready for the GPU. Thanks to Swiftech for this beautiful Komodo Luxury block.

    Little bit of cutting and bending, with 5052 Al it's soooo much easier, and I've got my simple little GPU bracket.

    And now it's caught up with it's foe.

    Once again, thanks to Swiftech for their sponsorship!

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