Another item I managed to check off the list over the weekend was the rear stabilizers. Pretty simple construction, just a couple pieces of 1/8" styrene, metal brackets and some hardware..

The stabilizers are the slightly curved vanes that are mounted vertically on each side of the engine pods. A nice basic shape that didn't take very long to cut out of 1/8" styrene sheet and round the corners. I used my heat gun to add a slight bend to them.

Next was to fab up a bracket to hold the stabilizers in place. I bent two pieces of 1/2" flat bar to fit around the 1" box tubing.

They just slide onto the tubing like so, and then I drilled some holes for a couple 1/4" threaded rods. The bottom one also serves to join the two brackets together in the middle.

I cut a slot in each engine nozzle so they would fit over the brackets.

The top nozzle was drilled out on each side so the threaded rod goes completely through.

Taking advantage of the 3D printer once again, I whipped up some more custom brackets that bolt onto the back of the stabilizers..

..and they just slide onto the rods.

And there you go.. I still need to cut down the fasteners so they are flush to match the threaded rod. I'm also looking into some different nuts to use.. maybe some acorn nuts or something that resembles rivet heads.