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Thread: ATi overclocking...

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    ATi overclocking...

    Anyone having any good luck over clocking the ATi x1 series cads? it seems that ATi must have lowered the hammer the manufactures to not allow any over clocking. I have read that some people have had success with multi tools running, but geez who wants to do that all the time.

    If you got any good tools or tips PLEASE pass them on.

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    ATi overclocking...

    ATI tool. The newest beta is supposed to work on the newer cards. I know it works on the X1900's but I am unsure about the X1950's.

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    ATi overclocking...

    Found and will try it out...I use this before on other ATi cards but had little success. Maybe they got the bugs worked out?

    * Add support for X1900 GT, X1800 GTO, X1950 XTX and others
    * Fixed wrong memory clock on NVIDIA G7x
    * On ATI cards with 2D/3D modes ATITool will automatically switch to 3D Mode until a dystem restart
    * Changed ATI clock setting method
    * BIOS dump will work on all X1000 cards now

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    ATi overclocking...

    Yep I had problems with it for a while too. Until they got these latest beta's out. It seems to work OK now. Still not as good as it used too. The stepping clocks seems to have messed with the programs head there.

    I haven't messed with it in a while but if you read others post they give good tips on voltage and whats the best way to go about getting a good OC with ati Tool. I might have to go home and download this new one and try it out. I think I still have 14. See if I can beat my old OC.

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    ATi overclocking...

    Doh. I forgot I have used this. It stops my memory at 792 and It's a bug that I think happens with all simialr cards. The Core I can push as high as I want. But I can do the same thing in CCC so I just use that. I do use ati tool to keep track of my temps tho.

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    ATi overclocking...

    Well it does not seem to be working on the X1950 Pro...oh well its still fast as heck over my 6800 GT

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    ATi overclocking...

    Have tried just using the CCC overclocking utility?

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    ATi overclocking...

    CCC overclocking utility ?? update me !! Don't know that one.


    I only used the basic 'catalyst control center' (latest version), and clocked my PCI-E X850XT far above the PE limit. Core has been set to 665mhz, memory to 620mhz. The card is cooled by a Zalman VF900-Cu ..

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    ATi overclocking...

    that is what Sheldog is talking about...

    I tried ATi Tray Tool and was able to adjust the card plus it has tons of options.

    I was only able to get the core up to 610 from 580. The memory seems to be locked pretty tight as I have only been able to squeeze a point or two out of it.

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    ATi overclocking...

    Probably not getting enough voltage. You could use ATI tool to up the voltage or that other ATI OC thing. We used to have it in the downloads section but I don't see the downloads section anymore. I don't know what safe voltages are for that card tho so do it at your own peril.

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