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Thread: Ultra Box - nForce 4 SLI Socket 939

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    Ultra Box - nForce 4 SLI Socket 939

    You want to build a computer using a barebone kit as the base of the build? First thing you must do, is decide what type of computer you want to build. The next step will be deciding what kit offers you the best overall hardware selection. There are various types of barebone kits on the market, while offering different components with them. Today we are going to take a look at the Ultra Box kit with the nForce SLI based motherboard.

    Check out the review here!

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    Ultra Box - nForce 4 SLI Socket 939

    Great Review Tazz. Still love those little cases and that barebones doesn't seem too shabby. The state that Shuttle is in right now I would definitely buy one of those instead.

    Like you said the really only problem I see with it is overclocking. Which most SFF don't do well anyways, not even shuttles. I think you would have real problems with that heat sink that sits just under the video card if you wanted to beef up cooling. You'd probably have to find some custom water block or saw off some fins on a larger heatsink. No fun at all.

    So now that it's all loaded up with hardware I'm curious. You still trust that handle?

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    Ultra Box - nForce 4 SLI Socket 939

    Thanks Shel, ya the Ultra Box performs really well, I dont have any complaints on it. the handle does have a not so solid feel to it (just the way its made). Although it does pick the unit up with no problems and really doesn't show any signs of weakness even with everything in the case .

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    Ultra Box - nForce 4 SLI Socket 939

    I traveled with mine and at first it hard to get over the idea of the handle, but once you use it a few times all is forgotten.

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