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Thread: ftp server

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    ftp server

    Does anyone know, what do I need for a FTP server?

    And, my IP isn't static, it's dynamic..

    Wich ports I need opened, what software (free if possible) do I need, or for a whole website (apache and stuff)?

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    ftp server

    the software i use is nofeel ftp server. im not sure if its free or not but i got a copy from the tech guy at my high school awhile back. do you know how often your ip changes? if it changes alot try they can set you up with a dns that will follow your ip and its free. as far as ports i think all you need is 21 and 80 open. hope that helps

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    ftp server

    hmm not bad, gonna test it

    tho, it's 30-day trial..

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    ftp server

    Tough call on an FTP server you might check with your ISP to see what ports they block and too see if they will disconnet your service for too much traffic. I know in my area they can see just how much traffice comes from my house. How do I know, the guys across the street works for my ISP and showed me my uages, day by day for a month. If they notice too much traffic they will shut me down. Most on the upload side. They realize most ppl DL ALOT of stuff and UL very little so becareful.

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    ftp server

    I don't care bout traffic cuz this line is on a company :P

    I'm already hosting a server for Neverwinter Nights and it's online 24/7, didn't fall down since.. the last time my modem broke.. lol (2 weeks) and before, it worked fine for 4 months without interrupting..

    I just need a relibable program.. and a free one - still a student, only 16 and don't have any credit cards yet and my mom&dad are too sceptic to pay over net.. lol

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    ftp server

    ah...I have used Cerberus in the past (many years ago) and it works really well. At that time it was free to use if it was for personal use. Give it a look

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    ftp server


    Minimum Requirements

    » Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, or Windows 2003
    » Intel Pentium 60 MHz or minumum operating system requirements
    » 16MB Ram
    » Network interface card configured to use TCP/IP
    » Windows Installer


    will give it a try, tho doesn't look free.. :'(

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    ftp server


    If you are licensing the Software as an individual or
    not-for-profit charitable entity (as set forth in U.S.C., Title 26,
    Section 501 (c)(3)(excluding governmental entities and
    educational institutions)) only, your license will be free to
    you for the term of the Agreement and you may: (i) install
    and use the Software on a single computer for your personal,
    internal use and in no event for the benefit of a company,
    for-profit entity, governmental entity, or educational
    institution; and (ii) copy the Software for back-up or
    archival purposes.
    Now if you are doing it for profit....

    If you are licensing the Software on behalf of a for-profit
    entity, governmental entity, or educational institution, your
    license will be free for an introductory thirty (30) day period
    and, should you elect to purchase the full license, will
    continue perpetually. During the introductory period, or the
    full license term, if you elect to purchase it, you may:
    (i) install and use the Software for your internal use on the
    number of computers for which you have paid license fees; and
    (ii) copy the Software for back-up or archival purposes.

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    ftp server

    I want to use it for people to access my files on my PC (those I choose, with having them knowing my IP and password)

    all I'd need :P

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    ftp server

    I use GuildFTP. And It works pretty good, its pretty simple.

    Very good for file transfers. Full program, and i like the way its set up. After that its just router config and then go.

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