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Thread: CES 2007 Modders-Inc has cases here...

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    CES 2007 Modders-Inc has cases here...

    Well guys I made it to the 40th CES in Las Vegas and I hope to be able to talk about some cool stuff.

    Modders-Inc had a few inquires about making some case for this years CES. At one point we were looking at something around 6 of them, but at things go and change we only where able to confirm 2.

    Tazz has made a case for Ultra Products and I made one that I was not allowed to talk about until the show started. It you remember the case I made for CPU and QuakeCon 06, the RadioPack, I was asked to make another one. Cooler Master like the case so much that they wanted one built for them. I at first told them that I would probably not make it as it is a taboo in modding to copy a case that you already have made. Cooler Master kept asking and I finally said OK...ONLY if I do it different. They ready wanted the RadioBack pack idea and I agreed to do that, but a different color scheme and stuff would have to be done.

    I ended up Modding a case, G15 keyboard, and G7 mouse. I hope too get some pictures from the show floor of both my case and Tass's case.

    Keep checking back here as I will try to post when and what I can...

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    CES 2007 Modders-Inc has cases here...

    SCHWEET!!! you are a dawg though for hiding that from us!

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    CES 2007 Modders-Inc has cases here...

    NIIICE!! When you can, post some pics, I'd really like to see that hehe
    Cooler Master wants the case too? *shrughs* if they pay good.. :P joke lol

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    CES 2007 Modders-Inc has cases here...

    The Cooler Master case is theirs, they simply contacted us to build the 2nd version specifically for them. They supplied the parts to Modders-Inc and American Freak built it.

    My rig is mine, it turned out good for the QuakeCon show but as most know had to be rebuilt when it got home. Well Ultra liked it well enough that they asked if they could use it to showcase in their Suite. Once the event is over it will be coming back here. Hopefully mine will run today, it made the trip fine physically but decided it doesn't want to POST. Not sure if its mad at me for sending it alone or what.

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    CES 2007 Modders-Inc has cases here...

    You Lucky dog you :-P I almost wanted to tell PNY for payment to fly me to CES and get me tickets :-P If you see any of the Austin Modders cases please take some pics? I have been killing myself looking for pictures :-P Have fun man. PS We better see you and Tazz at Quakecon this year so don't get wore out at CES.

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    CES 2007 Modders-Inc has cases here...

    Where is PNY? I cant find them listed anywhere...

    Sorry about keeping the Cooler Master case under raps, but they wanted it to be shown at CES before anything was said...i will post some pics of the case when I get back home.

    I was able to find Cooler Master and meet their crew and they all loved the case and it is right out front so everyone can see and use it. They installed all the hardware so it was the first time I go to see the system even turned on.

    I asked one of the girls at the booth to take a pic of me with the case and I got a funny look, but when I told them I make the case , picutres where taken, given a t-shirt, beenies, talked to every one and got a first hand look at some new stuff.

    I have been able to see some great stuff here and have taken some pictures. I will have to write up and post what I saw later on.

    btw...I am paying my own way, but maybe next year we can get a sponsor for the trip.

    So I am heading out of the press area and will try to report back again when I can.

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    CES 2007 Modders-Inc has cases here...

    I dunno they should be out there somewhere. It's been radio silence from them since the event started. I am guessing they got the case ok since I didn't get a scathing phone call. More than anything i just want to know the case got there in one peice. Austin Modders has another case there at the Bigfoot booth for their Killer NICs.

    Yeah the PNY case was kept under wraps until CES as well. That's why it got the one post worklog treatment.

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    CES 2007 Modders-Inc has cases here...

    that sounds really sweet to get a chaance to get out there, i cant wait to see some of these pics

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    CES 2007 Modders-Inc has cases here...

    Looked on the CES vendor list, and PNY is not listed... they must be off in a suite somewhere...
    Looked on the PNY website, and they have a section in their pres room, that states they will be @ CES, but there is not a booth listed.

    Good luck!

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    CES 2007 Modders-Inc has cases here...

    so how many people from this forum have worked on cases to be shown off at CES?

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