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Thread: Thermaltake Swing Case

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    Thermaltake Swing Case

    Today we are going to take a look at the Swing case from Thermaltake. This case resembles the look of the Tsunami and Soprano mid tower cases. The Swing has a stylish front panel design which leaves some room for the modders out there. In the time spent writing the review I have already had several ideas that a modder could do to the case to make it their own.

    Read the review here

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    Thermaltake Swing Case

    Now that is a review that fits the average joe. By using a system that is a average system that the average person has shows how easy and roomy this case is. I applaud you for using this setup instead of going with all of the latest and greatest hardware. Thank you for such a great review.

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    Thermaltake Swing Case

    So true...

    Not everyone has the lastest and greatest stuff and I do think that most sites loose that focus.

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    Thermaltake Swing Case

    Well em3bilko thank you for the kind comments. I try to do my reviews as objectively and honest as I possibly can. I try not to let a brand name or its reputation alter that and look at things as if I actually paid my hard earned cash for them.

    The hardware used in that review is still being used without a problem. The mobo was sent to me being slated as a dead board and I managed to get it going. The wife and kid still use it without any complaints.

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