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Thread: One Man's Trash

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    One Man's Trash

    This project went for about a year and a half. Thanks to everyone who helped directly or indirectly.

    It started off as an old CompuAdd 8088 that I came across laying next to a dumpster:

    It became this:


    CPU: AMD 3700+ Athlon 64 939
    Video: eVGA 7600GT PCIe
    RAM: 1 Gig Kingston DDR 333 PC2700
    PSU: Antec NeoHE 500w
    DVDR: Pioneer
    HDD: 120 GB Seagate
    Monitor: NEC MultiSync 19in LCD
    Sound: SoundBlaster X-Fi Platinum

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    One Man's Trash

    Now that is one sweet looking PC. I love what you did to it, a person wouldn't think it's the same case. It's just down right AWESOME! Happy Modding to ya.

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    One Man's Trash


    How'd ya do the paintjob? (with what)

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    One Man's Trash

    Thanks! I was going for a departure from the typical tower.

    I also need to give big props to some of the folks here that have served as inspiration for me not only during this project, but others in the past.

    Tech Daddy, Americanfreak, Tazz, Defyant and TheGreatSatan for starters. I've been a huge fan of their stuff since casemodgod. Others, like yourself em3bilko, have also been a great inspiration. You guys have all pushed me to make my mods more than just strapping in some lights or putting down some paint.

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    One Man's Trash

    Sorry for the double post.

    The paint was done with a couple of coats of primer, followed by a few coats of regular glossy black Krylon. After that, I did a minor hand buffing.

    The gold "streaking" was done by lightly applying gold leaf wax with a semi-stiff bristle brush. I then rubbed the excess off immediately, until it reached the desired amount. It was really easy to overapply. I was going for a "gold fire" effect. After that, it was a few coats of clear, a couple of rounds of polishing compound, and finished off with Mother's carnauba wax. In hindsight, I should have put down more of the black.

    One really cool effect that doesn't come across in the pictures is the almost ghost effect of the gold streaks. For instance, the pic of the back of the case makes it look very heavy. As you walk around it in person, it fades in and out. The flash makes it all come out.

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    One Man's Trash

    The case looks great!

    It is always nice to see someone go in a different direction as it gets others thinking of what they could do. Modding does not have to be about using the lastest and greatest stuff, its about personalizing and you have done an awesome job!

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    One Man's Trash

    That is superb, absolutely awesome work.

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    One Man's Trash

    Sweet Setup RCarter.. always nice to see older systems put to good use..

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    One Man's Trash

    Thanks again guys!

    I kept a worklog over at another site:

    It's pretty lengthy, but I know how modders like pictures. I think I will be posting my next projects log here from the beginning.

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    One Man's Trash

    I just finished reading the worklog and I must admit that is one SWEEEET unit. Then to top it off, I bet it runs as sweet as it looks. I too have a case similar to yours and your worklog has me wanting to break it out and start working on it but Breadbox has to come first. Maybe that 2.4 Celeron might make it into that case. Who know what might happen thanks to your inspiration. Happy Modding to ya.

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