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Thread: Modders-inc on XFX website

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    Modders-inc on XFX website

    I don't know if anyone has already posted this or not but i thought it was cool. I was looking at graphic cards and i ran apon this on the front page. reviews

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    Modders-inc on XFX website

    Cool.. Congrats Tazz!

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    Modders-inc on XFX website


    Great Job Tazz!

    We need more of those :-)

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    Modders-inc on XFX website

    Thanks guys, I had seen the one on the separate page but didnt notice it on the home page. We do what we can, hopefully I will have another one ready this week.

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    Modders-inc on XFX website


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    Modders-inc on XFX website

    Hehe congratz guys

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    Modders-inc on XFX website

    Awesome and well done.

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    Modders-inc on XFX website

    great stuff! i kinda want one of them cards now lol

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