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    UV Paint Mod

    I'm getting ready to build me a new system to replace my old one and I'm thinking of using this case as a base. When I get the case I'm going to strip it down as far as I can and then paint the whole inside of the case with uv green paint. My question is, do I need to get the inside of the case sandblasted, or do I just rough it up with some steel wool so the paint will stick? I've never used any uv paint before, just used uv dye in liquid cooled systems and uv pens on pcb boards, so this is a new step for me.

    Also, if anyone has any experience with the case I'm thinking of using, please feel free to let me know about it. I'm kinda leary about the "wind tunnel" design and clearance issues for larger heat sinks.

    Thanks in advance, velspayne

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    UV Paint Mod

    I don't know anything about uv paint but I think the case would be a great base for the new Machine. Good Luck with you project and don't forget to post it into the worklog with pics for us. Happy Modding to ya.

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    UV Paint Mod

    Do you know anything about silverstone cases em3bilko? I've heard of them, but never used one of their cases. I'm usually a Lian-Li case man, but I'm trying to get away from their "sticker shock" cases and use that money on other things that I might enjoy :P Thanks for the preemptual good luck. If I can get my hands on a digital camera, I should be starting the new system as soon as the income tax money gets back to me :P I will keep you all informed as best as I can on the mod though.

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    UV Paint Mod

    hey velspayne i might can help I have bought uv paint from wal-mart before and it is just like painting a with regular paint you just need to rough it up abit so the paint will stick

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    UV Paint Mod

    I haven't had any contact with Silverstone cases. I heard that they are a good quality case. The one you gave us the link to looks to be a fine case. I bet Tazz or AF can give you some heads up on that company and their work. Thanks for sharing the start of this project. Good Luck and I'll keep my eye open to see this mod come to life. Happy Modding to ya.

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    UV Paint Mod

    Silverstone cases are very well made, but nothing best a Lian-Li and I think they know that. Like you said the sticker shock takes a bit to get over once you see it.

    The TJ06 is a very nice case and I think you will like it.

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    UV Paint Mod

    Yes your not going to go wrong with a Silverstone case. They are one of the better ones out there.

    It is best to prep the metal for painting. Not sure I would use steel wool though, it tends to leave a residue on the metal that you would have to make sure to clean really well afterwards. If sandblasting is an option for you it would be quick and easy to do. It also has a tendency of packing sand everywhere and you could easily find specs of it being stirred up when you spray it. Cleaning the metal after prepping it is a must.

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    UV Paint Mod

    Thanks for the info on Silverstone guys, I've seen their cases and always thought they looked like a good quality case, but never got one.

    As far as the paint prep, I am still undecided on what I'm going to do to prep the surface for paint. I talked to one of my co-workers today and he said that I could use any abrasive surface to scuff up the inside. As far as the cleaning goes that will be no prob. I'm in the oil and gas industry and we have all kinds of solvents and chemicals at the shop I could use to clean off the metal after I'm done with scuffing it up. I also saw some awesome lights that are used on big rig trucks at my local truck stop that I might use in/on the case as well. That's just an off the wall idea though, I really haven't thought it through yet. :P

    Again, thanks for the info and keep it comming :P I purchased a digital camera last night so now I can take pics of my progress once I start this project. velspayne

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