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Thread: 700 or 800?

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    700 or 800?

    Hey all, I'm going to be starting a new rig pretty soon and as I don't have a money tree in the backyard, I'm going to have to do it piece by piece. I've already got the case on the way, and the next thing I will probably buy is the PSU. As far as what I plan on putting in the system once I have the moolah is as follows...



    Video Card

    Hard Drive

    Then I will have a DVD burner, haven't decided on one yet, soundblaster 5.1 sound card, haven't decided on that either, and a small dot-matrix display in one of the drivebays, 2 to 3 ccfl's and approx 5 fans ranging in size from 80 to 120mm

    I'm not planning on putting another graphics card in for quite some time and I tried to use the power supply calculator here on the site, but most of the stuff I'm wanting to use isn't listed in the calculator so I was wondering which PSU I should get.....I know that more is always better as far as upgradeability in the future, but it also means more heat and I was just wondering if a 700w one would be enough to power the graphics card or if I should go ahead and spend the extra green on the 800 and be done with it?

    Any help or suggestions are welcomed and appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    700 or 800?

    Well, to start, here's the system I just built *finished it as of 10 minutes ago, hands are bleedin a bit still from exacto knife xD*

    -8800 GTS 640 MB eVGA
    e6600 Intel Core 2 Duo Proc
    -2GB (2x1gb) DDR2 RAM (Not sure specs atm, mid-high range)
    -2x 320GB Hard Drives, SATA, 7200 RPM
    -CD/DVD Reader/Writer drive
    -2x Cold cathodes
    -3x 80MM fans
    -2x Ram lights (very cool )

    All of that fits under a 600W Power supply. I would say going with an 700Watt would be fine. I would however suggest going with a 8800GTS. Why? So far the compatibilty in games on the 8800GTX is very bad. The 8800GTS avoids this problem. Of course, the problem lies within the drivers. I'm not sure if it's as easy as having the manufacturer updating drivers or if it is a problem with the programming in the games that are experiencing errors. Whichever one you decide to go with it seems the 700W would be fine. Unless you decide to go with SLI, then 800Watts would seem more secure.

    Hope it helps a little bit.

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    700 or 800?

    Well, I thought about going with two GTS' instead of one GTX, but the main game I'm going to be playing is Flight Sim X and it's pretty graphic intensive. I've asked one of my old college buddies who works for a company called Novaprost about Flight Sim X and he said that they tested it on a sli setup of two 7800 GT's and it would barely run with the eye candy turned up halfway. Of course those aren't as powerful as the 8 series, but still it makes you think about how much of a gain we will see with DX10.

    I am going to look at an 8800GTS sli setup and see how much of a hit I'm gonna take vs. a GTX and I'm awaiting an email back from Nvidia as to what PSU they recommend. Keep the ideas commin' cause I want to be able to use the one I buy for a long time.

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    700 or 800?

    The PSU calculator here is relatively out dated in every aspect. I have been to busy to try and update it but it is on my list.

    If you do plan on updating to dual 8800's at some point I strongly suggest that you buy a PSU to handle it now rather than one that wont. The right 600 watt PSU can run dual 8800GTX's. But if it was me I would give myself a little more room.

    I would research the PSU's very well before deciding what ones to go with. What brands are you looking at?

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    700 or 800?

    Thanks for the advice guys, I think I'm just gonna go ahead and spring for the 800 and that way at least I'll have it :P

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    700 or 800?

    I think nowadays, you almost have to buy a power supply you can scale! Everything nowadays needs more power. Shoot, five years ago I would have laughed at the idea of a 500 watt power supply!!! Now, I'm thinking my 1 kilowatt should hold me at LEAST a few years if Im lucky!!!

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    700 or 800?

    I am thinking of going SLI and don't have a power supply that has what it takes. I say get a nice mobo that is SLI enabled and 8600GT. Also a 500W or more PSU. That way when your comp starts to lack what it needs for high end gaming. You can upgrade with another 8600. That is what I am doing.

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    700 or 800?

    Just remember that whatever PSU you decide to purchase, don't cheap out on it! The PSU is the heart and soul of any system. Buy a cheap PSU and you risk feeding bad power to your nice and shiny computer components :?

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