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Thread: Noob Modder...

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    Noob Modder...

    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+
    GPU: ATI X1600
    RAM: 1 GB DDR2
    Sounds: Audigy Soundblaster 4
    MB: Gigabyte M55 S3G

    I am an utter noob at case modding, but on Sunday I am going for it!

    I am going to do the “Flame Fan” mod using a 120mm blue LED fan on top, I will also be enlarging the front fan to 120mm as it is only an 80mm fan at the moment.

    Inside I will be painting the top rail and the drive housings black, to better show off the BioHaz decal, and covering these nasty power cables in blue heat shrink plastic.

    On the front I will be putting blue LED switches on the bottom CD blank for the fans, with a corresponding blue LED on the top panel (I want to leave the floppy blank free for a 7in1 card reader or LED display, not sure which yet.)

    Does anyone have any advice for a noob modder please?

    Thanks very much for your time guys and gals

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    Noob Modder...

    sounds like a cool idea

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    Noob Modder...

    Just take your time and if your doing something new for the first time, then do a practice run on a piece of scrap. Remember if you run into a problem don't hesitate to ask at MI. Welcome to MI.

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    Noob Modder...

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

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    Noob Modder...

    Advice=Always have fun and wear safety
    It's a sweet case anyway the black idea sounds good :twisted:

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    Noob Modder...

    I have also found some black material for the flame effect, I'll try it out and send some pics. It may look like smoke? (or it could be my PSU on the edge of a nervous breakdown lol! :lol: )

    Thank you all for the welcome guys and gals,

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    Noob Modder...

    Part one complete, waiting for fans and switches to arrive...

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    Noob Modder...

    Just got this today, any ideas guys?

    P.S. the dust is ok, just leave it alone and it wont attack!!

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    Noob Modder...

    Fill some holes with bondo, make a descent front fan intake, decent exhaust, maybe cut out a design on each of the side panels, possible blowhole in the top panel and a super paint job and that just the outside. Inside a decent paint job, wire management, and maybe some lights of some kind. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Noob Modder...

    First ever cut using a dremel!

    I made the hole square for ease, plus its on the spare case, incase I messed it up.

    Next, mounting the fan and seeing if it fits between the CD and PSU cables!! lol

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