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Thread: Ultra MicroFly MX6

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    Ultra MicroFly MX6

    The Ultra MicroFly case is one of the most common SFF (Small Form Factor) cases on the market. It allows for the mounting of a full-size ATX PSU, while other SFF cases have to have to run a smaller PSU. We originally took a look at Ultra's MicroFly back in July of last year. Today we are going to look at one of their latest versions the Ultra MicroFly MX6.

    Read the Review Here.

    Reviewed by: Tazz

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    Ultra MicroFly MX6

    I like that you can use a full size ATX PSU in it. Definitely a well designed little case.

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    Ultra MicroFly MX6

    Nice review AM

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    Ultra MicroFly MX6

    We got to do something about the post of the review news here, Tazz did the

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    Ultra MicroFly MX6

    LOL yep he did.. Didn't even look Tazz posted his own in the past.

    For a quick fix you might add who did the review in the posting, might help some.
    I Edited the posting to show who reviewed the case.

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    Ultra MicroFly MX6

    Wow. I might have to have my next PC in a micro case now that they are using standard ATX power supplies. Very nifty.

    Thanks much for the great review!

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    Ultra MicroFly MX6

    Whoever has the time is the one that makes the forum posts. I normally watch the emails, when I see AM sent the news I check to see if it was posted. If not I will then take the honors of posting.

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    Ultra MicroFly MX6

    OK, so seeing as I am completely unfamiliar with probes (thank god) how could I attach the temp probe in the case to the northbridge and get an accurate reading?

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    Ultra MicroFly MX6

    The closest your going to get to accurate is by attaching it to the side of the heatsink. It cant go between the heatsink and the chip so your going to be limited to the side or top depending on the specific board your using.

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