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Thread: Just wondering...

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    Just wondering...

    How much money do you guys go through modding computers WITHOUT the computer parts? It doesn't matter if it's a crazy expensive project or a 5 minute window cut...just offer a low/high please!

    I have a job now and I want to make a budget for modding but have no idea where to start since I'm still noob to all this modding.


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    Just wondering...

    Done many for $0.00 and my current one is over $350.00.

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    Just wondering...

    Hmm I guess I can dig up some stuff to avoid spending money. What kind of mods did you do without using money?

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    Just wondering...

    All depends on what you have on hand and how creative you can be. I have seen guys do complete custom mods with only using existing stuff they have on hand. There are tons of options with the right goods laying around. For some of the basics you can check out our Modding Basics section (Link at the top).

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    Just wondering...

    Sky's the limit...

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    Just wondering...

    It depends on what you want to do.
    If your on a low budget you can find neat stuff anywhere and everywhere, and I suggest going to places like flea markets and dollar stores, sometimes you can find some nice stuff there

    Dont be afraid to strip something apart just to get 1 single peice either.
    Yardsales might have nice stuff too.

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    Just wondering...

    All of my mods have been from stuff that I have collected for nothing. Cash Box was found in a trash pile of a local general store. The internal parts were from old parts of computers that had been upgraded. I do spend sometimes like my Switchboard project which I have put in $25.00 so far and looking at another $50.00 here soon. Good luck on what ever you decide on modding. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Just wondering...

    The most fun about modding is finding things that you can use for free and then design them into or around the mod. Like the plasitc CD that comes with all spindles of CD or DVD's. It can be used to make a window intop of a CDROM or a for a small window on the top or side of a case.

    Just let the imagination run wild as anything is possible.

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    Just wondering...

    it depends on what I'm doing, what I already have that I can use, and how many times I end up going back to re-do something.

    my first mod ended up costing me a couple hundred $, but that was mostly because I 1) kept buying new tools and dremel attachments, and 2) kept deciding to change things after I had already painted, so I had to sand it and start over.

    If you know anyone locally who is in to modding you can definitely save some cash by buying certain things in bulk (20 packs of dremel cut-off bits, value size cans of primer and spray paint, etc) and splitting the cost. It also helps when you are ordering components online because you can order your stuff together and split the cost of shipping.

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