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Thread: CMG?

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    Ok, what happend to CMG. Did they forget to pay the electric bill or something?

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    there are a few other topics dealing with this issue, but in a nutshell the webmaster left(tazz) and the owner troyis redoing it in a frontpage format. thats about all there is to it, im not gonna flame anyone

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    ^agrees with that fool

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    ^and that one

    When Tazz left is just started the ball rolling. If you notice all the old staff is here...minus you figure it out....

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    I think i am going to cry :cry:

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    I think i am going to cry :cry:
    Why is that.
    Modders-Inc. is going to and is better than that site.
    That site probably wont even be back up. And if it did, who cares.

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    well...idk...modders inc is just starting though...even though it may be better in some respects it still doesn't have the fan base cmg had....or atleast member was just an emotional time in my life...

    but i'm over it now

    and why does everything in the navigation box have to start with MI? don't we know that we are here?

    p.s. - please don't kill me

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    I have to say that I enjoyed CMG,but I like it here,no bad luck to ARTbyTROY,same atmosphere here,and it's just starting,I give it a year before Modders-inc has over 1000 members(current 219)(Here's the all caps )I LOVE THIS PLACE

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    Well let me say this much. We have more active members at the moment than CMG did when I left. The total number of users really does not affect how active a site is unless you keep them all active. It will take time to get what we had at CMG, but there is no doubt that we will get to that point and pass it. The same people that pushed CMG where it was are behind MI pushing it even harder.

    All we can do is take it as it comes and try to offer the reader everything we can.

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