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Thread: Cooler Master Stacker 832

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    Cooler Master Stacker 832

    Cooler Master has created some of the most wanted cases for the PC enthusiast. Their usage of aluminum and creativity with styles has made them one to watch to see what they will produce next. The Stacker 830 was released and quickly on its heels was the NVIDIA 830 Edition. Cooler Master kicked it up a notch and delivered the 832. How good is it, let's find out.

    Read the Review Here.

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    Cooler Master Stacker 832

    Great review AF! I was wondering how loud it gets, since its capabilities include up to 9x 120mm fans, which is some monstrous air cooling. How did it work out for you?

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    Cooler Master Stacker 832

    I only used the fans that come with the case and the noise was not that bad. I let it run in my bedroom for a week straight running [email protected] and I was able to sleep.

    Doing any heavy load on the system made the temps go up a bit but as soon as the programs ended the temps when right down.

    The case is really nice and it is already being planned as my next modded case. I got a few ideas that I hope I can pull off ;-)

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    Cooler Master Stacker 832

    solid review, and just the case i wanted to see on here!

    one question though, Have you tried doing the ATX (b) setup? (upside down)

    My tower sits on a table to my left and if i were to buy a new case I'd prefer if the setup was similar to most LIAN-LI cases. thanks for the help.

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    Cooler Master Stacker 832

    I agree with theedge44 being that it's a solid review, makes me wish that I had one. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Cooler Master Stacker 832

    This case wows me. Really good review...very good information here.

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    Cooler Master Stacker 832

    Thanks guys.

    I did do the BTX setup, but without the hardware. to see how it looked. I will see if I can do that sometime this week and tell you or post some pics.

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    Cooler Master Stacker 832

    thanks, if all goes well it shouldnt be drastically different, also if you could test how a PSU works with the inverted motherboard, the cables reaching everythign in such a large case while still being able to remain hidden is a concern.

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    Cooler Master Stacker 832

    Finally got to reading it...nice work. I have the original Stacker (STC-T01) and I personally prefer it over the 832. And in regards to the inverted ATX setup, I actually ran mine this way for a while and had no problems with the PSU cables reaching the motherboard in the original Stacker, so I wouldn't imagine it would be any different here. JMO.

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    Cooler Master Stacker 832

    nice case, i prefer to take an old case and mod it like crazy to my own needs

    mostly because i get a case that no one can double or even can name the original case and i save a lot of money.

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