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Thread: I want one of these!!

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    I want one of these!!

    Gis it!!

    I want one!!!

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    I want one of these!!


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    I want one of these!!

    oh shiney. Bout time they star making really nice touch screen computers.

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    I want one of these!!

    I work for Starwood Hotels and they have already signed a contract with them so hopefully I will be able to see one in person.

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    I want one of these!!

    Reminds me of Startreck Next generation stuff, but better. I really liked that photo image, like it was an actuall light table. But who knows I don't know if touch screen tech is really up to par yet.

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    I want one of these!!

    they've put a glass of lemonade or something on top of it..

    is it waterproof? lol

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    I want one of these!!

    Ooooh nice, a 3'x3' i-Phone lol.
    I saw this on another website about a year and a half or so ago, peeking.

    It reminded me instantly of the old bar tables of the 80's with the gaming console screen covered by a glass partition. This is quite a step up though and a really great family entertainment or work center.


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    I want one of these!!

    how cool! i want one!

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    I want one of these!!

    They work like a cross of your standard house-of-the-dead XVIII arcade game and an etch-a-sketch. A special camera and a projector sit in the bottom of the table, and when you touch the table it registers and acts accordingly. What I find far more impressive than the hardware is the software. Multiple input (or multi-touch) is in the future of computers, and this, the iphone, and the macbook air are all steps toward that future.

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    I want one of these!!

    AF let us know when or if you get to use one anytime soon. Happy Modding to ya.

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