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Thread: Sheldog23's Project13

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    Sheldog23's Project13

    This design is directly spawned off the Sapphire cube. I really didn't get enough time with that case, and I really wanted to do a lot more to it than I did. So when it came time to upgrade my LAN PC the desire was too strong to deny...I had to make another cube.

    I liked the Sapphire case. It looked good and it was well organized. Things were easy to get into and it was a great design to show off the hardware. This time I wanted to make the cube reflect more of my personality. I also wanted a more dynamic design.

    Zapwizard, Mr. Red and I were all brainstorming one night and we came out with the great internal layout that I am going to use on this case. So credit must be given for thier part in this creation.

    Zap is a master with TrueSpace but when it comes to designing things
    I stick with what I know. That would be corel11. Here is my design.

    This is the basic layout of the case. You see the front, sides and top in this pic: Drafting style of sorts. The grey is the aluminum and the pinkish stuff is supposed to be Red Plex. The Translucent feature of Corel lightens it too much.

    The artwork on the sides is an Oliva piece called "Hot Sauce". It is Betty Page dressed as a devil. I think it is hot and saucy so it is well titled. I am not sure if am am going to use this image or not. But I have it on here just to see how it will look.

    The Theme for this case came from its size. 13" square. We Tried for 12" but we couldn't get everything to fit inside. So 13 it became, and then Project13. Everytime I see thirteen I think of the Thrill Kill Kults "13 above the Night". I also knew I wanted to use Red Plex ever since I became a huge fan of ModSquads "Black Narcisuss"case. The blood red plex, the devil number 13 all pointed me to a Devilish theme.
    So there you go, I let the shrinks take it from there.

    The Cube itself is going to be made from aluminum. The front and top will be 1/8" and the sides and back will be .063. I then plan to mount the plex to the face of the Aluminum. I will get more detailed on the process as I go.

    First thing first. I need to cut the aluminum and route out the windows and holes. For the thicker pieces I used the Table Saw, the thinner ones got cut on the stomp shear.

    To do the holes I exported the above patterns from corel to my Engraving program. I then cut a template into 1/16" poly and used that as a pattern for the pin router.

    While I was at the routing I went ahead and did the top acrylic piece.
    The front and side acrylic pieces will have the more complicated designs lazered.

    Basically the way a pin router works is you have a bit and a blade. The bit traces your pattern and the blade cuts the inderneath piece. The two pieces are separated with 1/16" foam tape so there is a slight gap to keep
    you from cutting into your pattern.

    src="" alt="" />

    Fast forward into the future and you have the front and sides.

    I got ahead of myself in this pic and installed some alum fans I annodized with some duplicolor red annodizing paint. I also was messing around with some finishes. The left one is straight brushed and the middle one is circular. I think I am going to go with the circular. I think I prefer the look of it over the brushed.

    The Fans I was refering too. These are just plain Jane Evercool Alum. Fans painted with Duplicolor Red Annodizing paint.
    Don't they just look Sweet.

    stay tuned...

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    Sheldog23's Project13

    Today I spent part of the day filing and sanding down the rough cut edges of the aluminum, and also sanding the circular brushed pattern into all of the faces (both sides).

    Here is the finished product.

    What I started with was this jaggedy router chewed mess.


    until smoothness is achieved. And they all rejoiced.

    Once all pieces were de-burred, smoothed and given the circular brushed finish they were laid out in the shop and given several coats of clear coat. this makes them look shiny and also protects them.

    I will try to get a better pic of the finish later. It was getting dark ouside so I was loosing my best lightsource. The flash doesn't do that great for this.

    The Acrylic Pieces.

    At lunch I took the acrylic pieces over to a friend of mines Trophy shop. In exchange for his cutting things out for me I get him vinyl prints. It a great bartering system and a fair reason to start up your own local modding club. Pooled resources rock.

    The Epilog laser with all its yummy cutting goodness.

    The Front and side pieces lasered out with the top piece I cut. I still need to clean them up with a bit of minor sanding, polishing and what not (especially the top one). I will do that next week though.

    This weekend I wanted to play around with this Ultra Fan Commander I want to put in the case. I had painted the Brushed Silver faceplate annodized red to see how it looks.

    Looks pretty good if you ask me, but the lighting around the buttons is blue. I need to be changing that to match the case, that would be RED.

    Should be a simple process of removing these 3mm blue LEDs here.

    I should get you an update on that later this weekend hopefully if I have the time.

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    Sheldog23's Project13

    Not a big update today, but I finally got around to changing the LED's in that Fan commander.

    It was a simple process of removing the old blue and installing the new RED ones.

    Ultra used some thin squared off 3mm LED's so my fat roundies didn't fit. I just cut a "V" in the acrylic surrounding the button with an exacto and flame polished the edges clear again. Not pretty but hey it works.

    and both sides.

    To finish off the look I took a piece of clear red celephane and put it over the blue LCD screen.

    Yes that will go nicely with everything. I need to get another can of the red and give the faceplate a couple of more shots but that will be good to go when I get to installing the drives.

    I have some of the insides of the cubes painted up a bit. I also made a removable motherboard tray that sits on rails made and painted. I just forgot to bring my Camera with me the other day. I should get some pics for you tommorow.

    In case any of you are wondering what the hardware will be...well you'll just have to guess. For now that sits in my Silverstone case waiting for its new home. Notice how it matches the "Theme" as well. :wink:

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    Sheldog23's Project13

    Ok Time for an update...

    I spent all last week painting the insides to the cube. The bottom half below the MB tray is going to be white on the inside. Unfortunately winter came along and slowed me down. Luckily I live in Texas and winter last about a week so I am back in action. I finished the last of the clear coating today and all of the sides are finished being painted.

    Here is the Motherboard tray. Its a special MB tray in that it sits on Drawer rails so I can pull it out the back and have easy access to the hardware in the bottom section. This is something I have always wanted to try.

    The small hole on the left is for the SATA and smaller cables to go down to their devices. The large cutout is for the big red 120mm fans and possibly a radiator... Haven't decided if I want to WC this yet.

    The rails..

    These two will be mounted to the sides of the case.

    I also cut and painted some Aluminum Honeycomb mesh the Red Annodized color. These will go in the open window areas and possibly over the two large front fans.


    Here are all the pieces painted.

    Ignore the floppy, I have no idea why it is there.

    and an overall pic of my assembly area. Mess in progress.

    I Should have some more pics soon as I have also painted the bottom and the drive cage.

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    Sheldog23's Project13

    well i got all the angle pieces annodized today. Which means I can start putting the pieces together...woo hoo!

    I got to get a better camera or something because these look 10X better in person.

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    Sheldog23's Project13

    They are just brighter and shinier is all. They look dark in the pics. lol

    First off forgive me if I don't make this log a written master piece. I am kinda tired. So, now that the brackets are painted I take the bottom piece and attach them.

    Then I add this drive cage that I turned upside down and painted white.

    Take some of these bolts

    add some 1/4" collar spacers

    Put it all together...

    Start attaching things....

    Here you can see that it is only the bottom section below the MB tray that will be white.

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    Sheldog23's Project13

    Yeah, this is just a normal craftsman router

    you push this petal to lower the blade (below). You can see where the vacuum goe in in the back(above).

    Here is a side shot of the guide. You can see my fan holes sitting there.

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    Sheldog23's Project13

    Here are some minor updates:

    I got three sides together now. I need to get some special bolts to hold on the rails so that they won't stick out and get in the way of the movement. I am just afraid of going shopping with everyone and thier grandma out right now. lol, too many people make me crazy.

    a peek at the insides.

    I started working on the back. Here is a rough cut piece of aluminum for the bottom half. It will hold the PSU in place. The top half will be connected to the MB tray and slid out with it.

    tommorow I will sand it up and paint it clear one side white on the other.

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    Sheldog23's Project13

    OK, we had a half day at work so I spend the after noon working on the back I/O plate.

    To start of I had this piece of Red plex left over from when I had all the pieces Lasered out. The Plan is to bend it and us it as a clear I/O plate. Here you see it on the bender marked.

    This little trick turned out to be more difficult than I thought. Getting all those little pieces to all bend without getting wobbly was rather difficult. It gets pretty tricky and you have to move while its hot. So unfortunatly I didn't take any pics of me doing it.

    basically I bent it over and then up again. This way I can attach it to the Alum. back piece. I also like the way it looks all curvy and translucent. I cut some 1/2" strips of the plex and boxed in the back area. I am glueing it together in the above pic.

    To make sure I got it right I got out some old expendible parts. I used this fried shuttle mobo and an old Canopus 3dfx card to make sure I had the back height correct.

    man this card brings back memories.

    as you can see it turned out OK. The card fits fine along with the rest of it. I then needed to check the alum. back plates to make sure it all fits together.

    the back plates were made on the pin router just like the other sides.

    everything seems to fit. Now I have to clean up the edges and put the holes in it for mounting, sand it up and paint it. I will get to that this weekend most likely.

    in the mean time here are some pics of the removable mobo tray in action. I temp taped the pieces together to make sure it all works smooth.

    oh yeah, thats gonna come in handy.

    and just for fun because I was curious and had the camera. If I were to add the top....

    yep, she's coming along nicely...

    stay tuned.

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    Sheldog23's Project13

    I got quite a bit done over the holiday weekend. Well exept for sunday which was spend recooperating from the new years party, But Monday I was back into the modding mood again.

    First thing I needed to do was make a faceplate with a slot for my slot load DVD drive. For some reason I bought a slim-line DVD from and thought that maybe I would need the space. Turns out I had plenty. So I built this nifty holder for it.

    It is basically a thin piece of .063 aluminum laminated to a piece of the red acrylic. I then cut the slot, sanded and then Painted it red with the Dupli-color anodizing paint. Next I bent an enclosure to hold the drive and attached it to the faceplate with Weld on.

    I then taped the drive to another piece of plex and also glued it into the enclosure with weld-on. The Tape will keep it there forever basically but allows me to take it out if I ever have to. I don't plan on ever doing that so hence the VHB tape.

    I guess I could have come up with some fancy way to keep it in there but I am simple and somewhat lazy at times.

    and this is what it will look like installed.

    I also got the back pieces finished. All sanded painted and clear coated. the bottom piece is painted white on the inside.

    I think I have decided to not put a plex cover on the back. I will leave it like this for a while till I make up my mind. Maybe if I add WCing I will put a red window/res in the back bottom.

    ok.....pant pant.. Then I mooved onto the top...whew.

    first thing I did was sand and polish the edges to the top to a nice shiny finish.

    Then I drilled the holes and began to mount it. Here you can see the red hex mesh that will be attached to the inside of the top.

    You can also see the first attempt at a back I/O plate. Been tearing peices off for Jigs.

    another angle:

    tommorow I will have to finish attaching it and polish it up. The its onto the side mesh. I am making some special lighting with a bunch of Red LED's for that section. Stay tuned....

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