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Thread: plexiglass mirrors?

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    plexiglass mirrors?

    I am intending to coat the interior of my Ogborz mod in mirrors. It will make my life MUCH easier if I can work with plexiglass mirrors instead of glass ones for the drive cages. I found this stuff online: 8, and I am wondering if it will work on plexiglass or if I will be better off working with the existing drive cages and just getting them chromed.

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    plexiglass mirrors?

    I have never had much luck with the KY chrome.
    There are some different types under the database section if I recall correctly, they looked really good but I haven't tried them.

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    plexiglass mirrors?

    I had a big sheet of mirrored plexi but i've used it for a case. I got mine from a construction site for a resturaunt, it was a bit scratched but the scratches are small and I didnt mind.

    After some asking around i found a place that sells it just go to the Raw material section(near the bottom of the page) and select Plastics>Acrylic>Mirrored extruded>Sheets, bars, strips and cubes>Plain backing and thats pretty much it, all you have to do is decide on the thickness and the size you need (click the part number and your ready to order)

    If you need it ASAP try asking around local hardware stores (note: Mirrored plexi also is called Child proof mirrors)

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    plexiglass mirrors?

    I found some mirrored plexi (aluminum backed) for $22 on ebay for a 1/8"x19"x30" sheet, but shipping was 2/3 the cost. I'll see if I can get it cheaper in a brick-and-mortar store. Before any money leaves my hand I'll see if my dad knows where I can get some; he's a contractor. I may also try one of those recycled material stores. I have a 9' by 12' sheet of mirror in my backyard that I have been planning to use for coating the main portion, but mirrored plexi may work as well or better. Is there such thing as mirror lexan?

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    plexiglass mirrors?

    Mirrored plexi is probably going to be the cheapest and easiest to work with.


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    plexiglass mirrors?

    Mirrored plexi is probably going to be the cheapest and easiest to work with.

    That's special "two-way mirror" plexi
    here is some regular mirrored plexi ...

    There are lots more types and info on plexi in the Resource Database ...

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    plexiglass mirrors?

    I'm going to try fred meyer or someplace like that. I'm thinking that they must have some mirrored plexi childproof mirror or something that I can remove from its frame and cut up. I bought a 24"x60" glass mirror from a thrift store, but I don't know if I'll be able to use it because of all the uneven surfaces in my case. I think that my best option would be to buy 2 1/8" sheets and put them together mirrored side out, then use that as my motherboard tray. That way I can have both the inside and outside mirrored and I won't have to worry about the bumpy tray that's in there now. Looking at it closer, all of the bumps and ridges almost entirely rule out the use of any real glass.

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    plexiglass mirrors?

    I found one! It was like $4 at a thrift store and was housed in an odd medievel puppet theater/travel mirror thingy.

    I took the pictures after removing the mirror, so just imagine the mirror part where the brown is in the second picture.

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    plexiglass mirrors?

    Maybe you can find a use for the bi-fold doors that you got the mirror out of. They are neat looking doors. Just imagine how they would look on your computer. Neat, don't you think? lol Happy Modding to ya.

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