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Thread: Custom fan cover (#2)

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    Custom fan cover (#2)

    I've finally gotten around to finishing and cutting out my second fan cover. This one is still just figuring out what works and what doesn't.

    here it is with the cutouts still placed inside

    and two nice shots of it

    and one next to my older LEBOE cover. which has been beated up quite badly by giving it to a friend to buff

    I haven't sanded this cover yet because its raining out, but I'm planning on a uniform semi-rough mouse sanded finish.

    So this is prototype #2

    It's based off this vinyl I found while surfing the web

    As far as selling covers to people I can do it, its limited though. I can easily make anyone an identical one to the flame cover. Or name plate with up to 5 letters, maybe 6. No prices are set. email if interested

    comments/suggestions very welcome

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    Custom fan cover (#2)

    Looks nice
    by the way, have you ever thought of using plexy for that? if you used a few LEDs you could light that thingy preety good

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    Custom fan cover (#2)

    Dex: thats a good idea, I've been meaning to stop by a local acrylics shop and take a look but I havent gotten around to it, and the class I made these in is over

    my first, and only(until next year) custom fan cover!!

    15$ + shipping to an Aussie, off the mod nation

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    Custom fan cover (#2)

    Hand cut or done by other means?

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    Custom fan cover (#2)

    All CNC machined

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    Custom fan cover (#2)

    Laser cut?

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    Custom fan cover (#2)

    Its a CNC machine. Think of a drill press on steroids with lost of options.

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    Custom fan cover (#2)

    If you can do a Modders-Inc one IT'S MINE!

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    Custom fan cover (#2)

    I could base a design off the decals when I get them (I'm guessing monday)

    But can't make any more until next september

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