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Thread: this dude is CRAZY!!

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    this dude is CRAZY!!

    i was just browsing the net and by mistak i found out something horrible wanna see itt...?

    here you go -

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    this dude is CRAZY!!

    lol to each there own....

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    this dude is CRAZY!!

    That is a sacrilege
    Please, someone tell me that that is a joke of bad-taste

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    this dude is CRAZY!!

    That guy is CRYING on the inside (let me knock some Scents into Him)

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    this dude is CRAZY!!

    ooh thanks one more reason to love this forum... i by mistake made a kinda vulgar heading my bad.... thanks mods-admins to make it right im sorry though and i got no single warning wohoo!!!thanks

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    this dude is CRAZY!!

    I feel dirty

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    this dude is CRAZY!!

    Such an Insult!!

    but looks cool
    and I LOVE the way he "modded" the mobo roflmao XD

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