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    Paint Theme Question

    Hello everyone, long time no post.
    The lack of posting/communication is basically just because I've been pretty busy, AP classes, friends etc. Anyways, getting to the point. I'm redoing my room completely, painting the walls, putting a small couch in, ottoman, desk, shelves. The scheme I decided to go with was sort of Black and red a little bit darker than cherry red. I'm not going for a gothic room at all, those are just the two colors that I tend to like the most when combined together.

    So, I'm wanting to paint my case to match the color scheme. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it though. A few thoughts have run through my mind but I could use some more. My ideas thus far are:

    Black and red checkers, inside and outside of the case.
    Possible problem:
    Getting the inside checkered, very cramped space of course.

    Half red, half black. Outside black, inside red.
    Possible Problem:
    Seems a little bland. Could turn out well though.

    Those are the only two ideas I have right now. I would appreciate more ideas as well as suggestions on how to pull it off. I'm also stuck on what kind of LEDs to use. I'm debating between white LEDs and red. Red will be easier to find but they're more common. White will be hard to find but may give a nice effect.

    Any suggestions/comments would be great,
    Glad to be back,


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    Paint Theme Question

    Go with black LEDs!! those must be just about impossible to find.... but it would be sweet! actually i would check out this paint i saw a while ago... (i think it was here) it was a UV reactive clear coat. So you could do a black base, throw in some UV cold cathode or LEDs... and have your awesome checkers or w/e show up when you turn on the lights...

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    Paint Theme Question

    I don't think black LEDs would do anything but darken a case. I think what you are in visioning is dark purple which could work . The real problem lies within the paint though. LED's can be bought, painting has to be done myself. I've painted coats plenty but never a design.

    Thanks for the LED idea/UV idea

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    Paint Theme Question

    no... i was making a bad joke... its a black LED. Black= no light. XD

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    Paint Theme Question

    One thing that i thing goes good with both black and red are either polished aluminum/steel (how you would do this with plastic i wouldnt know or maybe black (primary color) and then have some ool designs painted in red

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    Paint Theme Question

    I think a combo of both would be great.

    The checkered inside would be a first for me to see and would make a great contrast to a black/red blend on the outside. Maybe do some sort of black to red fade (Black on the front of the case and Red on the back).

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    Paint Theme Question

    The fade idea would definatly be cool. I actually just thought about a camo theme just with black and red! I think that would look pretty unique . So, I think I'll go with the camo idea, black base coat with patches of red. How can I do the inside though? I think I may just do the inside camo as well because checkers seems way to hard to do on pieces where the harddrives/cd drives go.

    Thanks for the suggestion

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