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Thread: My Rotary tool/Dremel imitation

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    My Rotary tool/Dremel imitation

    ok, so I got a rotary tool/Dremel and it came with an extendo attachment. I spent about a week figuring out how to attach the bits on the end (with he collet chuck) and wanna use the extender, the thing is, I have one chuck, and two things that need holding in place.

    the extender has an internal wire which turns the end bit, that I think has to be hald in place on the tool <1 collet> and the end of the extender has the same sort of thread, so I assume i need another collet.

    Thats my problem - sorry if this is in the wrong section - I got it off my mum, so no instructions, just wondering if there are any missing bits - I can get photos too if you want - I called it a collet seeing as its a collet chuck, correct me if I'm wrong

    I think thats all, thanks for any help

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    My Rotary tool/Dremel imitation

    Brand and model # would probably be the biggest help.

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    My Rotary tool/Dremel imitation

    My extension has the cable inside that fits into a socket like collet which has an opening the same size and shape as the cable. Nothing to tighten around the cable and the other end of mine has a solid frame for me to hold and a collet system that is standard for bits and the likes. So I feel that your extension will be something on the order of mine where the cable slips into a opening that is the same size and shape of the cable. Also like Tazz says about needing the Brand and model would help out a lot. Happy Modding to ya.

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    My Rotary tool/Dremel imitation

    It's a "Performance Power Pro 150W Rotary tool kit" and I think the Model No. is - CLMACRTK

    Thanks Em3 i'll have a look

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