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Thread: modding question ...

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    modding question ...

    i recently purchased me a 8800 gts 320 video card . even tho i am impressed by its shear power i also found out it runs hotter then heck ( i was running 52 idle and 75 full load ) with the stock fan and heat sink . so i decided to do a quick fix and removed the fan shroud and fan and stuck on a 92 mm fan to blow across the card this definetly helped out as my temps are now 45 c idle and 60c full load @ 704 / 2110 but it looks uglier then sin ( maybe not that ugly but it definetly doesnt make things look clean ) theres not too many coolers available for these cards dd's 8800gts water blocks ( which are way to darn expensive and dont really impress me ) the mcw 60 by swifty but requires extra heat sinks brigning the total of the set up 80 + for both and thermalrights hr03 plus ( which is HUGE ) i have a DD tdx block in my possesion ( i am using a slightly modded RBX for the Cpu and cools excellent ) would it be possible to mod the TDX to fit the gts/gtx cards ? i will still need to buy the heat sinks for the power moduals and hsi seperately ( or those can be made easily )

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    modding question ...

    i would just try itor of you worryed about doing ur card over put a search in google to find the best cooling for it

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    modding question ...

    well... i have to say that anything can be modded to do just about anything, but the ease of which i cannot comment on. I would have to say that as long as the mounting plate is removable, you should be able to make your own. The only issues would be if the block is too large compared to the reference cooler (or too small), or if the vertical mounts for the tubes interfere with any other cards in your system.

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    modding question ...

    i ripped apart the video card to see what i got to work with . and from what i can tell the cooler is just barly big enough to cover the ihs on the video card with a lil overage from the block itself . i do plan on using 90 barbs to shorten the height of the block itself . now its the mounting i got to finger out ..

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    modding question ...

    make a stencil/trace the mounting holes on the stock cooler, and match those holes up to the acrylic or metal mounting plate on the water block. if you cant just drill extra holes to make it fit, you will have to dummy up your own plate.

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    modding question ...

    thx for the suggestion i made a stencil with a piece of paper , i ended up just placing the video card down on it then marking out the holes . its not exact science but works . i gotten the mounting done and gotten the barbs fitted ( not glued yet tomorrow i will do that ) and i also added a lil something to the block itself a couple of extra fins to maybe help add surface area to it . i will hopefully have some pics up tomorrow as well . i also did a quick test fit and the block hits the gpu fully

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    modding question ...

    update i wasnt able to get pics my digi camera isnt working properly so i will ask pops for his digi camera . but i finished the mod and now i am testing it for 48 hours for leak testing . will update with pics as soon as i can

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    modding question ...

    These cards run hot all the time. They're designed to take the heat.

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    modding question ...

    true but i am a fanatic bout temps . not sub zero fanatic . by simply replacing a fan and then having the temps drop 15c - 18c makes me wonder what in the world were the manus thinking on thier coolers . because the current cooling solution is not working like it should . you can say that these cards are designed to run @ 70c - 80c + until you are blue in the face , but the fact of the matter is still present a cooler card will always out last a hotter card plus it performs better . which leaves us modders to come up with things that are creative in nature . been running the block under water for bout 4 hours and no leaks yet and i managed to increase flow quite a bit as well . if this mod does work i will some how post a way to make this block ( most will be illustrations because of non functional camera ) but none the less should give some idea how its built ..

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    modding question ...

    well heres the final result of my modding the TDX block to a video cooler . the pictures are not 100% clear but still give ya an idea . please fallow this Link , an tell me what yall think .

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