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Thread: Not so noob modder...

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    Not so noob modder...

    Some day time shots. A wee taster…

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    Not so noob modder...

    What's that thing on the back, right below the power supply? My first order of business as far as modding goes would be to paint the inside: either red, blue, silver, black, or ¿¿chrome??. Those would be my choices. But I can see what you mean what with only having one computer to use.

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    Not so noob modder...

    That gigantic window fan makes it impossible to see the components

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    Not so noob modder...

    What's that thing on the back, right below the power supply?
    Its the transformer for the top 2 CCFL tubes, I just took the cover off, as an old set I had overheated. Plus it looks cool.

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    Not so noob modder...

    I got a new monitor today, it’s a Samsung Sync Master 226BW 22” LCD monitor. It has a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050, and a refresh rate of 2ms. It has already changed my gaming!!

    Here’s a few pics of the monitor and rig, all glowing in the dark!!

    This one was shaky as I was trying not to get sucked into the front!!

    You may have noticed that there’s not much glow coming from the Zalman CPU cooler. This is because there is so much cold air getting into the case and taking heat away from the cooler, the Zalman’s fan doesn’t need to spin up as fast.

    I still need to do some serious cable management, and there are a few more items I would like to buy and fit before I change anything. I have a few Ideas for the front panel door and the false ducting on the side, but that will come later.

    :mrgreen: I am one chuffed chappie!! :mrgreen:

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    Not so noob modder...


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    Not so noob modder...

    or is it kickass?

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    Not so noob modder...

    Thankyou mate

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    Not so noob modder...

    I have determined what you must do!




    ~~~~TOP WINDOW~~~~

    and then you can put a 120mm fan in the middle and make some cool geometric design, and maybe ¿¿¿duct the psu???

    Sorry, I just was thinking about it and got excited.

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    Not so noob modder...

    LOL, Nice idea mate, but I wont be doing any cutting into this case for a while. As 1, I havnt got the right tools. 2, I havnt got a decent work space.

    This will all change in a few months, as I am looking for a new place to live at the moment.

    What I will do though, is get my gaming rig up to spec and sort out my horrible cable managment (I hate doing that )

    I now have a 74Gb Raptor as my 2nd internal drive. I have a DVD RAM SATA drive on order, it should arrive on monday.

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