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Thread: Not so noob modder...

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    Not so noob modder...

    Thanks mate

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    Not so noob modder...

    Great job on the video, but you might want to adjust the audio so that you can either hear what you are saying over the music, or just get rid of the original audio, so it doesn't make the music sound bad.

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    Not so noob modder...

    How do you get rid of the origional audio?

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    Not so noob modder...

    Right click on the video bit (in the timeline view) and change the audio to mute

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    Not so noob modder...

    Thanks mate

    Later videos will be a lot better

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    Not so noob modder...

    Just a wee update to this PC...

    I GOT A GTX 280!!!!

    It really is as good as they say, the card is friggin huge!! I tried the Far Cry 2 bench marks the other day on my 8800GTS 320 and got an average FPS of 20-30 on high settings with no AA. Today I tried the same test on Ultra High with 2 x AA and got an average of 45-50 FPS. That was with al the Physics options on max.

    Looks like I'll be having even more fun when I build my new rig. It will have an Asus Striker 2 Extreme mobo, Intel Q9650 CPU, 4 Gb of OCZ 2000Mhz RAM, and 2 74Gb Raptors in Raid 0. I may in the future add another GTX280 for SLI...

    Its going to kick some serious ass!!

    Have fun all,

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    Not so noob modder...

    Awesome! As for the rest of your new system, I would highly recommend switching to core i7. Getting an i7 920 and an MSI x58 platinum costs as much as the system you have lined up, but with a freaking hyper-threaded quad core! The platform uses triple-channel ddr3, so I'd recommend 3 gigs instead of four. Do some research, and then agree with me. :P

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    Not so noob modder...

    I have already ordered the mobo and it should arrive tomorrow.


    My choice should work well enough though

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    Not so noob modder...

    Here are a few pics of the new card.

    3D Mark Vantage score to follow in a few hours time...

    Have fun all,

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    Not so noob modder...

    Hi again,

    I finally got annoyed enough with the door on my computer, and have now removed it! I got annoyed because it opens the wrong way. This a design flaw that is common to most case's with a door, and a windowed side pannel.

    I started by removing all the screws on the inside of the panel.

    I then carefully removed the back and LED's keeping the wire's intact.

    I then popped off the front panel, and removed the two pin hinges, and the front door was gone!!

    After that, I went for a smoke. I then returned and drilled two holes in one of the drivebay covers, and jammed in the two HDD activity LED's leaving a hassle free case with two shiny HDD lights!!

    Here's a wee vid of the rig in action...

    Have fun all,

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