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Thread: Not so noob modder...

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    Not so noob modder...

    My new case.

    As you may know I have been here a few months and done a few small scale mods. This is because I either don’t have the confidence, the tools or the experience to make my own case or change it on a major scale (I don’t want to mess it up so that I don’t like it).

    So I have changed tactics. I have ordered a new PC case and power supply, a load of fans, and some bright shiny lights.

    Here is the list.

    1. APlus Twin Engine ATX Tower case.
    2. Hiper 580watt modular PSU.
    3. 120mm blue LED fan x2
    4. 80mm blue LED fan x1
    5. 300mm CCFL kit blue/UV x2
    6. 3 LED array x1
    7. PCI USB expansion x1

    I also have 4x 80mm blue LED fans, the PCI slot cooler I made, and the 120mm fan from the PSU. This makes a total of 12 fans, and that equals one air cooled PC (don’t forget that there are 2x 250mm fans on the case already.

    I will find a way to cool each of my drives, and any hot spots I find on my Motherboard. (If you have any easy to do ideas I could do, please share them with me .)

    I will post all pics from tomorrow when I have installed my comp into the new case. (If I mess it up there wont be any pics!!)

    It would also to have some sort of air cooling goal to reach, any ideas? :idea:

    Stay tuned….

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    Not so noob modder...

    You can cut a hole in the back of the motherboard tray and put a fan behind the motherboard blowing against the back of it. Are you doing watercooling too?

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    Not so noob modder...

    I'm not doing watercooling (I dont know enough about it yet). I think I'll concerntrate on cable managment and air cooling for now.

    As for cutting holes in the new case, I think I'll wait till I get the right tools and a proper work space. I could make some kind of ducting though, or adapt an existing kit I saw in Maplin's to just blow down the space between the motherboard and tray. I could get the air to flow from the bottom to the top, where it would be taken out through the PSU fans.

    A line of 3 80mm fans blowing into ducting at the bottom of the case. The edge of the ducting leading under the edge of the MB.

    Would I need to seal up the edge of the MB along the sides to help the air flow?

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    Not so noob modder...

    I would seal them, yes. I think that 3 80mm's may be overkill, though! I would duct one under the mobo, then another onto the video card or something, and then the third would just run free. What kind of ducting were you thinking of using? I was thinking of just using black construction paper. That's all you would need for the side, at least.

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    Not so noob modder...

    I'm not sure yet, maybe a piece of old drain pipe heated and bent into shape.

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    Not so noob modder...

    You mean like ABS? I was thinking you meant lead for a second and was like ummmmmm..... forge much? I have some flex duct tubing , and that works pretty well for me. It's shiny too. :P

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    Not so noob modder...

    A quick shot of some of the new stuff going into the new case. I'll do another one at night time.

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    Not so noob modder...

    I've got some thin clear polycarbonate (Sunglaze) that I've used very successfully for ducting my CPU - square tube around TTBT to sidepanel. The material is very easy to score and snap and can be bent permanently very easily... like acrylic but easier due to its <1mm thickness.

    You've certaintly got a lot of 'fanage' happening

    I'm not familiar with the case, any pics?

    Oh, consider ducting or mounting a fan over your RAM... very helpful for overclocking and definatley video card as mentioned.

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    Not so noob modder...

    Here is the case. The one I ordered is all black.

    The ducting for the MB will be done at a later date. When my case arrives today I just want to get my rig working in the new case and worry about mods later, as this is my only computer (Mum has the lappy in Australia(lucky cow!!))

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    Not so noob modder...

    I have completed the transfer to my new case. Everything went easier than expected, and the beast started up first time. I had all the tools lined up after I had removed all the kit from the old case, and found that the only tool I needed was some small wire cutters for the cable ties.

    All I need to do is sort out my cable managment, build a new PCI slot cooler, and a few drive coolers with the spare fans I have.

    I'll take some shots of it tonight when it gets dark.

    Just one more thing, THIS CASE IS HUGE!:twisted:

    A380 Twin Engine: 54cm-21.5cm (not including the front fan cowling's 26cm at the widest point).
    Icute gamers: 45.5cm-20cm.

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