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Thread: Not so noob modder...

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    Not so noob modder...

    My Grans pimped up shopping rig!!

    Its only got an old Athlon XP and an FX 5200 Graphics card but lets face it, its only going to get used for Sainsbury's and QVC....

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    Not so noob modder...


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    Not so noob modder...

    Nice work you've done there, and yes your case looks empty.

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    Not so noob modder...

    I got my SLI set-up sorted today
    My first 3D Mark score with my old Dual Core 6000+ X2 and 8800GTS 320 was 9060 3D Marks.
    Then I got an AMD Phenom 9850 Quad core, 9975 3D marks.
    Now with Quad core and SLI I have cracked 12,765 3D Marks!!

    I am now slightly smug.

    Here's a very smug picture

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    Not so noob modder...

    This rig has come a long way from the old Athlon 2000 XP CPU with onboard graphics I used to own 3 years ago. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is a RAID set-up, that’ll come later…

    System Specs as of 06-06-08.
    CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9850. (Water cooled and over clocked from 2500Mhz to 2750Mhz.)
    GPU: Nvidia 8800GTS 320Mb X2. (Both over clocked to 648Mhz, only in SLI while gaming)
    RAM: 4096Mb 800Mhz. (Over clocked to 825Mhz.)
    MB: Asus Crosshair 590 SLI.
    HDD: Western Digital Raptor (System drive) Seagate Barracuda (Games only drive).
    PSU: High Power 1000W.
    Monitors: 22” LCD Samsung Syncmaster 2ms response, time, plus 17” CRT as monitor 2 (Each monitor on separate GPU, SLI not enabled.)
    OS: M$ Vista Ultimate SP1.

    3D Mark score:

    I also use a separate low power laptop as my VOIP server when gaming, and as my video streamer on ustream.


    Saitek Eclipse II.
    Logitech G3.
    Saitek Cyborg Evo Force.

    Games I'm running at the moment:

    Flight Simulator X.
    Flight Simulator 2004.
    Call of Duty 4.
    X3 The Reunion.

    Looking forward to:

    Far Cry 2.

    I’ll post a few videos and pictures later.

    Any requests for the video's and pictures? I'll even give out a big hello for all of Modders-Inc.
    P.S. How do I add titles to Videos, as then I could plug the site mercilessly to all of YouTube? :twisted: :lol:

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    Not so noob modder...

    Britrb -- just make your video, and import it to Windows movie maker. There is a button to "Add Title" and you can put text with all sorts of effects. Or you can just go old-school and film your computer going to M-I (or print it out i guess)

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    Not so noob modder...

    Cool, thanks mate

    I'll sort that sunday

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    Not so noob modder...

    Sorry no video yet. I havent had any time off since last post.

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    Not so noob modder...

    Great job

    And hehe, the music rocks

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