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Thread: Need some more ideas for a mod

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    Need some more ideas for a mod

    Alright I recently got a new girlfriend and I really like her so far.
    Anyways a few days ago we where watching a movie at my house and she noticed my current PC and asked a few questions about it and she thinks its cool to take something kinda ugly and make it nice. She then asked if she could get her case modded, I said sure and told her to decide on a theme for the case.

    This morning she finally decided, the theme of the case is going to be based on "Puscifer" (its a side project of Maynard James Keenan from Tool and A Perfect Circle.)
    Wiki link:
    Puscifer site: (Warning: may contain adult language and themes)

    I asked her if she wanted it to include anything from Tool or A Perfect Circle and she said "maybe, i'm not sure" (which I think means no if I am thinking right)

    Now this is where my problem comes in and where I ask for help. I can't find much on puscifer other than the mascot and I dont think that 2 pictures of the mascot are enough to base a mod off of and need some help on idea's.

    Things I have planned so far are:
    -Sidepanel window based on the background of the animated image on Puscifer's main site with the Mascot and "King" done in bondo and airbrushed.
    -Metal drivebay covers the floppy drive bay cover will have Puscifer etched into it and the bottom cd-drive cover will have the mascots face etched into it (or i may reverse what gets etched on what
    -Metal or Plexi copy of the Puscifer belt buckle(sold on the puscifer site) it will probably be mounted on the bezel as a giant fan guard.

    The case Im working on is that of a old "Gateway Select 850"

    Anyways I need more ideas as a backup plan just incase things go wrong.

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    Need some more ideas for a mod

    maybe you should find out her favorite movie or show is or any other bands with more history.

    also for the current theme that she has selected you could have the mascot's head on the front bezel shaped out of metal or plastic and have it's horns continue on the side panels. then you can put the power LED(s) in the eyes and the mouth/fangs for the power button

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    Need some more ideas for a mod

    I'd say that you should just a generally stock mod. No offense, but it's not like she'll appreciate the complexity if you go really overboard, and you just run the risk of her liking it less. Try out some sound reactive cathodes, basic paint jobs, and some nice lighting effects.

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    Need some more ideas for a mod

    I agree with SL, throw some lights, a window, and perhaps a fan controller. Paint it in colors that match the movie poster or w/e, and maybe etch the window with the mascot. Much else will probably just be overkill.

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    Need some more ideas for a mod

    I've wanted to do a rock group computer for a while (meaning since last night), but I don't know that I were to do one I would use someone else's computer. I would want it to be something that I could share with/give to the actual group, kind of like the dallas stars computer. That's just me, and it doesn't really apply to your situation, but whatever. If she's not going to be doing any overclocking or serious computing then water cooling probably won't be necessary. The drive bay covers sound like a good idea to me.

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    Need some more ideas for a mod

    Yeah Splitlip and fusinfun are right, molding the 2 characters out of bondo and air brushing them will be hard and the "reward" will not be as great as the time and effort put in it. I would paint the case colors that go with the character and etch the face in the side window when you cut it or make the window the face. Some lights and wire management should set it right.

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