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Thread: my basic doubts, abt case modding, pls read and guide me

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    my basic doubts, abt case modding, pls read and guide me

    I m supposed to modd.I m having acrylic sheets, Led's, some UV accessories and a Mind, full with Ideas and Creativity. Thanks to the Almighty.
    I have some doubts, on the really basic level.

    That, my CPU(most of the CPU's) is having Lids on both sides.but one side will be free, and other, holding the Motherboard. Well,i have to Cut/ make the hole only on the free side Lid to put Acrylic?

    And from where and how to take the power for the UV/ LED's from PSU(SMPS)?

    Also, can any one teach/guid me, to how to make substitute for UV accessories with Single/ Bi coloured LED's?

    If someone can provide some sketch or any guidance, that will be so grateful. Please be kind.

    waiting with hope,


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    my basic doubts, abt case modding, pls read and guide me

    First terminology. what you call the CPU is actually the case. the CPU is under the big fan attached to the motherboard. and the "lids" are often refered to as panels, doors, or w/e lids tends to suggest tupperware

    more later, i have to run.

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    my basic doubts, abt case modding, pls read and guide me

    On the led power, here is a basic wire color guide:

    That's all the voltages that you will most likely need, and all can be found in one of your molex cables except 3.3v, which is only in the motherboard cable (or P1 connector) and your sata power cables. the brand of power supply does not matter, they only differ in cable length and occasionally quality. I would reccomend checking a book out of the library that has something to do with A+ certification. It will teach you about computer hardware and troubleshooting. If you can't find one, they cost about $20-$40 USD, quite worth the reliable info that they will give you. You need to know something about how computers work in order to work on them . You can find guides on how some things work, but a book will be more conclusive and more accurate.

    Anyway, you can find/buy the molex connector from an old fan or something, then take out the pins and solder the led to the appropriate wires. To avoid the frustration of other users, ALWAYS seek knowledge from an already existing guide or thread before asking us. There are plenty of guides out there for cutting plexiglass, such as this one if you have a dremel:
    or this one if you have a scroll saw or jigsaw:

    We're here to help you when you're stuck or when you don't understand something.

    And other forum members, correct me if anything that I have said is incorrect and I will change it. I am relatively new to the forums myself and I may be mistaken.

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    my basic doubts, abt case modding, pls read and guide me

    hi all, thanking u all very much for replying and guiding me. well some mistakes happened frm me ;
    it is for fusionfun.
    dear by mentioning CPU, wht i thought is the filled cabinet. here among us, v r mentioning this as CPU. sorry for my mistakes. wht i put is about Cabinet(Case). the LIDs i mentioned is the both sided doors of it. now u can re read, with this correction. and b kind to guide.

    and to brightshininglights and all

    dear, actually i m a hardware pro,a fresher. bt i have not much knowledge in electronics. well, i m adoption ur idea, to make female(molex) port frm an old fan or smthing,thanking u.

    but my othr doubts r, with 12v how many LED's can work. wh method is more convenient among serial/single and parallel ?

    and about the side of the cabinet, we have to cut only on single side, wh is free?


    thanking u

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    my basic doubts, abt case modding, pls read and guide me

    You can put a window on either side (and even the top/bottom) but most people start with the left(?) side panel, because then you can see components (instead of the back of the motherboard support. As for LEDs, you can run enough of them (in parallel) that you should be able to light up the entire inside of your case with only one connection. (Whether this is practical or not, i can't say.)

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    my basic doubts, abt case modding, pls read and guide me

    I am deeply sorry that I misjudged you, mobileman, it's just that I work phone support off and on and am used to dealing with 80-year-olds and such, and sometimes I get frustrated/condescending. Please do not be offended as I meant no harm. You just have to kind of play it by ear with led's, I don't have much experience with running them personally, but I would imagine that running them in serial would be a better bet, just because of less wires. I doubt that running them in serial would affect their brightness too much; I'm pretty sure that it would just pull more current from the power supply. Maybe someone with experience should comment, though :roll:

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