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Thread: Controller adapter or controller

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    Controller adapter or controller

    I have a friend that plays a bunch of old games on emulators (such as Super Mario World) but he's getting tired of using a keyboard or a bulky game controller. And was wondering if there are any controllers similar to that of the SNES or an adapter so he can use his old controllers.

    This is also of some use to me because I want to install a 7" LCD and basically play old games on it (kinda like here )

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    Controller adapter or controller

    Something that he can do is hack a keyboard into a snes controller. You basically rewire the keys with the wire from the controller so that when, say, you hit the A button on the controller, it reads it as a tap on the F key on the keyboard, or whatever key you wired it to. So just do that for all of the buttons and arrows and all that. Here is a guide:

    On the other hand, as the writer of that guide mentions, he can just buy an adapter for like $30. There is another controller retrofit option here:
    That just makes the nes controller into a usb controller.

    Hope this helps!

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    Controller adapter or controller

    Easier than a keyboard is just one of the ten dollar usb controller pads. Those have hard solder points for the switches as opposed to the flimsy plastic sheets with printed contacts.

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