Ok usually I just go the local route to get parts but I am having a hard time making a decision on what to buy. Here is my criteria.

I have 3000 canadian (approx. 2800 U.S.) to spend. I live in Canada.

I want AMD Dual Core this is a must.

I want 4 300 - 400 GB HDD's
I don't care too much about HDD speed so I don't need raptors.

I want 2 - 4 GB of ram

I want 2 nVidia GPU's running in SLI configuration

I want a really kick ass PSU no garbage. ( I want it to look good too.)

I want a decent Case that is really moddable, (prefer aluminum with removable mobo tray) (full tower)

I want a decent mobo pretty sure will have to be socket 939 for the dual core.

Fan controller prefer with LCD display.

prefer slot load CD Burner but will go for tray if i have to.
prefer slot load DVD Burner same as above (I like having both)

I also need to get 2 LCD Monitors prefer minimum of 19" would like to get into the 23" realms.

TV tuner card

If I have to I will go up to 5000 canadian but would prefer to keep it at my first amount.

If people can give me some feedback on what is the best parts that i can afford with the money i have on hand I would really appreciate it.

Finally this will also be my first step into water cooling. So the watercooling gurus if they don't mind can paint me a picture of what to expect here. I want something that will be fairly easy to maintain. It can also be a little on the bulky side since the only time it will move around anywhere is if i am moving to another house. I don't mind building it piecemeal and would acutally prefer that over kits. (I am just not a big fan of kits of any kind)

any suggestions, comments or ideas are appreciated.

And in case people want to know what I want to be able to do with it.

I want to be able to run vista with ZERO problems using its maximum capabilities.
I want to be able to play any game that is currently on the market or coming into the market this year. At it's maximum resolution with max antialiasing etc. you get the picture.
I want to be able to do video editing while watching another movie or playing a game and listening to music and watching tv all at the same time. (I do this now but my poor 866MB machine bogs down something fierce.) :P
I want to be able to run any program I want without having to worry about whether or not my system specs meet up with its requirements.

Finally. when going Dual Core I notice that most of them are below 2.4GHZ and some games ask for 2.4GHZ If they start asking for 3GHZ am i going to run into problems? I personally don't think so but... Due to this I am wondering if I need to go 2.4 or if 2.0 GHZ may be not bad. it is a 200-300 dollar savings on some sites. If anyone has any ideas on that let me know. I prefer to be safe than sorry and if i have to spend the extra now rather than get something that isn't as good as I need and have to buy another one later.

Sorry for the long winded post.