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Thread: Joining the Military

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    Joining the Military

    Just thought I should let people know I'm signing up with the Army.

    I took the ASVAB yesterday and passed it first go with a real good score.
    I'll do some paperwork Monday, take my Physical on the 27th and if all goes well I should be on my way to basic training at the end of July.

    I'm going in to be a Mechanic(unsure of what's needed in the mechanic field but im hoping for Diesel)

    Anyways I need to know a few things before I go, I have to put all my stuff in storage till Im done with training, is there anything I should do to my PC's and Monitor's to ensure they dont get damaged? (like disconnecting the PSU)

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    Joining the Military

    Last year my cousin Alan went in to the Marines, as a Diesel mechanic,He's deployed in Iraq,You are smart for joining up,more fields with be open to you,Plus if your diesel mech they give you (This is what I heard)money to start a shop when your tour is over good luck!!But anyway, don't store it in a cold or hot place,I always disconnect my psu when I don't use it for a while.

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    Joining the Military

    1st off, congratulations on chosing to serve your country and best of luck to you in your journeys. Keep your head up on a swivel, stay alert and be safe. Keep us up to date if you can, log back in here from time to time and let us know what is going on!

    once you disconnect the power on a PSU, the unit slowly discharges over time, 5-7 days I believe. You can speed that dischage up by pushing the power button on your computer after you have unhooked the PSU power cord, this will syphon off a lot of the remaining charge. But if you forget to do that, the charge will go away by itself, not harming anything.

    When performing long term storage of your computers, try to put them off the ground. This is in case of a flood, as we all know electronics dont like water. Maybe look at purchasing a small set of shelves that you can build inside your storage unit (I did that for mine, makes for much more efficient use of space.)

    That's about all I can think of.

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    Joining the Military

    Hey I'm proud to know ya and thank you for taking the time to work for your country and defend it if necessary. If I could I would like to shake your hand. I'm a believer that all people should spend the time to defend their country. Good luck to you and I hope you get to see the world. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Joining the Military

    Congratulations... represent the modding community well!

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    Joining the Military

    Thanks guys and thanks for the info.

    Also If I end up overseas is there anything that you guys would suggest to make life easier? Stuff like Knives, Flashlights, GPS ect ect.

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    Joining the Military

    When I was in the Navy and we went to the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan the one thing that was hard to come by, now don't laugh because this is the truth, was toilet paper. My son went to Bahrain and the countries next to it and he said that they don't use toilet paper, they use their hands. He said that if you stick out your hand to shake their hand, it's considered a insult. So pay attention to the customs of what country you are in. The Navy always told us when going ashore to remember we are representing our country, so don't do anything to embarrass yourself or your country. Remember to also have fun. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Joining the Military

    Congrats and Thank You Sir

    ...... some things for you to have sent to you (from another thread/website for my friend John) .....

    No Alcohol, pornography, or pork. The first 2 are distracting and can be offensive. The last is considered "dirty" and a sin by locals.
    No chocolate before the middle of September or after the early part of April as the temperatures are too hot and will ruin everything it is sent with.
    No perishable foods as the mail will take at least 2 weeks to arrive in his hands in Iraq.
    One of the most important things is to remember that the soldiers overseas need reminders that life is normal where they come from. When you don't know what to send or write about, send letters full of stories about things that happen everyday. While it may seem boring to you, it won't be to John who is surrounded by things we will never encounter. Seemingly boring stories from home will help keep him grounded (believe it or not).Every soldier craves something different from home – potato chips, cookies, movies…whatever it is, he'll let us know…I promise J In addition, think back to college dorm life…or life in your office now – every time you get (or bring) something from home, you try to share. So, sometimes it is just as much fun for the soldier to get a box full of "Fun Size" snacks he can keep to himself and other times it's fun to get the full-size bag to share with the other guys in his room/unit/office/whatever.

    Some soldiers and their families have chosen to simply send cards with cash or gift cards and phone cards. This is great if you don't have time to pull together a box but want to send something to help out. Cash is accepted nearly everywhere on Base and phone cards should be the International or Global cards. Gift cards should be generic as they won't be able to buy things online & have them shipped to Iraq, but the cards can be used at the Exchange on Base for clothes, food, etc. Visa gift cards are good b/c they work like credit cards & you put additional money on the card at a later date as long as you keep a copy of the necessary info provided by Visa
    ·Movies, CD’s, can cozies, beef jerkey - John likes action, stupid comedies, and war films...he's a country music fan, but he'll listen to just about anything

    ·Junk food (you can send “snack size” or full size – they’ll share no matter what)
    ·Magazines, small games (uno, cards, yahtzee, etc) - He'll also read just about anything...he's got a Road&Track subscription that I am sending. He also enjoys novels...which may be something good to send for him to share with other soldiers

    ·Batteries, Ziploc bags (any size), gum, kool-aid or drink powders (unless you get the travel size, it is good to send a full size container (I believe it’s 32 oz) for them to use the first time you send it as their canteens won’t hold enough water for the mix) - drink powders...his favorite is cherry

    ·Medicated foot powder, baby wipes & baby/body powder, trial size toiletries, chapstick (the stuff they're issued is like candle wax)
    ·Air fresheners (not the plug-in kind), ink pens (they prefer black) & paper to write home
    >Tissues & toilet paper (both are issued, but are like sandpaper) try the travel size of both...or the last 1/4 of the roll you used at home...advice from returned soldiers as many are not considerate of others and may walk away with the nice big roll (smaller rolls can fit into his cargo pants pockets)

    ...... And to help out the kids there .......

    "Things that my brother said to send more of for the kids in the towns:

    soccer balls (or other balls) and pumps
    hackey sacks
    silly putty
    coloring books with colored pencils (NO CRAYONS) and sharpeners
    beanie babies
    Crayola watercolors (9 color sets with a couple of brushes)
    Sidewalk chalk (hopscotch, 4-square)
    Stickers of any type
    ball of yarn for cat's cradle

    We put together a pack whenever he runs low. On their breaks his group takes time to teach the kids how to play marbles, jacks, hopscotch, hackey sack, jump rope, cat's cradle as they can. He said it's great to see the kids being kids even if it's for a few minutes, and it reminds him to not loose site of the human element of such a tough time."

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    Joining the Military

    There you have it, a well rounded bit of advice. I think if you go by any of the advice above you'll be ready for most of what life deals you. So take care and enjoy the military life, it will be different that anything that you have lived to far. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Joining the Military

    More info:
    I am leaving on the 10th of July, they had no available mechanics job's at the time So instead I'll be going into the Army reserve as a truck driver, until i can get my hands on a mechanics job. I'll be doing my basic at Ft.Sill then I'll go to Missouri(forgot exact location) for my job training then after that I get to come back home and just work weekends.

    Anyways Im saying that after July 10th i wont be on for 3-4 months maybe more.

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