I came up with an idea for a new case for my shop PC that will be all acrylic. I will be taking internals from a Compaq SR2020NX and using them at pretty much stock stats except for the 2GB of RAM already upgraded. The modem in the picture will not be used... it just came in it stock. I'll be using the on-board sound and video so no use for expansion card slots. This PC will be used mainly for tunes in the shop and for quick parts or instructions look-ups. It will be sort of like a two story building with the motherboard on the top level and the DVD burner, HDD and PSU on the bottom level.

I need to come up with ideas on the following:

case feet
case handle and mounting
accent pieces on the sides from red acrylic
a name...I'm calling it Project Evil for now

I have ideas on the accent pieces as being flames, devil's tails or devil's pitchforks. Possibly incorporating them all in somehow. I'm not sure yet on this and any ideas are welcome. I won't rule anything out right now.

An example of a devil's tail as seen on Billy Lane's Miss Behavin:

and some flames I like:

Here's a rough sketch:

The main structure will be from light grey tinted acrylic:

and the accents will be from red acrylic:

The structure will be supported with aluminum angle:

The fans:
2 x 80mm with red LEDs for exhaust & 1 x 120mm with no LEDs for intake

A shot of the donor pc:

Big stack of acrylic:

6 sheets 3/16" light grey
1 sheet 3/16" red
3 sheets 1/8" red
all sheets are 12" X 24"

Some tools I'll be using:



Some other stuff that may or may not be used:


I got all the sides and the mobo tray cut. I changed from the original plan and am going to make it 11"x11"x16". The dust wasn't that bad, but it was cut on a table saw. So, I don't know how bad it will be with a dremel or anything else. Here's a pic:


I got up early this morning and headed to the shop. A couple hours later I realized I had to make a trip to Lowes for more supplies. Here's what I did before I stopped:

All angle pieces cut to size and edges filed down

Motherboard standoff holes were drilled and tapped then standoffs installed

First victim of the project :lol:

Then I mounted an old junk board to test the fit


Aluminum drilled, tapped and mounted to the motherboard tray:

I'm tinkering with the idea of making the aluminum into a satin finish then painting it with some red metalcast paint. I think it would look kinda classy


One side attached to the bottom:

The intake hole cut and test fan mounted:

This hole was a little bit of a challenge because the piece was too big for my circle cutter to line up right on the drill press. I ended up drawing it out then cutting it with the scroll saw. A little sanding and it's good and round.

It's starting to take shape:


The case all put together:

Hole for DVD cut out:

The back panel 75% done:
p://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c321/Dozr69/Project%20Evil/6-08-07/6-08-07006.jpg" alt="" />

And one messy workbench:


I got the i/o slots cut out on the back panel and some of the edges sanded.

My dad gave me a new drill bit set also:


I finally decided on the designs I wanted to use and got busy.

First we have a tribal design that will go on the top of the case. I drew it from scratch to resemble a devil head. Here's a pic:

Second is the pitchfork earlier mentioned:

Pitchfork placement:

Third is the devil tail:

Tail placement:

And last but not least is the piece for the face of the case. I haven't gotten it cut out yet, but did get it drawn out.