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Thread: Project Evil .::56k Beware::.

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    Project Evil .::56k Beware::.

    I came up with an idea for a new case for my shop PC that will be all acrylic. I will be taking internals from a Compaq SR2020NX and using them at pretty much stock stats except for the 2GB of RAM already upgraded. The modem in the picture will not be used... it just came in it stock. I'll be using the on-board sound and video so no use for expansion card slots. This PC will be used mainly for tunes in the shop and for quick parts or instructions look-ups. It will be sort of like a two story building with the motherboard on the top level and the DVD burner, HDD and PSU on the bottom level.

    I need to come up with ideas on the following:

    case feet
    case handle and mounting
    accent pieces on the sides from red acrylic
    a name...I'm calling it Project Evil for now

    I have ideas on the accent pieces as being flames, devil's tails or devil's pitchforks. Possibly incorporating them all in somehow. I'm not sure yet on this and any ideas are welcome. I won't rule anything out right now.

    An example of a devil's tail as seen on Billy Lane's Miss Behavin:

    and some flames I like:

    Here's a rough sketch:

    The main structure will be from light grey tinted acrylic:

    and the accents will be from red acrylic:

    The structure will be supported with aluminum angle:

    The fans:
    2 x 80mm with red LEDs for exhaust & 1 x 120mm with no LEDs for intake

    A shot of the donor pc:

    Big stack of acrylic:

    6 sheets 3/16" light grey
    1 sheet 3/16" red
    3 sheets 1/8" red
    all sheets are 12" X 24"

    Some tools I'll be using:



    Some other stuff that may or may not be used:


    I got all the sides and the mobo tray cut. I changed from the original plan and am going to make it 11"x11"x16". The dust wasn't that bad, but it was cut on a table saw. So, I don't know how bad it will be with a dremel or anything else. Here's a pic:


    I got up early this morning and headed to the shop. A couple hours later I realized I had to make a trip to Lowes for more supplies. Here's what I did before I stopped:

    All angle pieces cut to size and edges filed down

    Motherboard standoff holes were drilled and tapped then standoffs installed

    First victim of the project :lol:

    Then I mounted an old junk board to test the fit


    Aluminum drilled, tapped and mounted to the motherboard tray:

    I'm tinkering with the idea of making the aluminum into a satin finish then painting it with some red metalcast paint. I think it would look kinda classy


    One side attached to the bottom:

    The intake hole cut and test fan mounted:

    This hole was a little bit of a challenge because the piece was too big for my circle cutter to line up right on the drill press. I ended up drawing it out then cutting it with the scroll saw. A little sanding and it's good and round.

    It's starting to take shape:


    The case all put together:

    Hole for DVD cut out:

    The back panel 75% done:
    p://" alt="" />

    And one messy workbench:


    I got the i/o slots cut out on the back panel and some of the edges sanded.

    My dad gave me a new drill bit set also:


    I finally decided on the designs I wanted to use and got busy.

    First we have a tribal design that will go on the top of the case. I drew it from scratch to resemble a devil head. Here's a pic:

    Second is the pitchfork earlier mentioned:

    Pitchfork placement:

    Third is the devil tail:

    Tail placement:

    And last but not least is the piece for the face of the case. I haven't gotten it cut out yet, but did get it drawn out.


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    Project Evil .::56k Beware::.


    Well I tried something new tonight and I'm pretty happy with the results. I couldn't find any red molex connectors that I liked, so I figured what the heck, I'll dye the originals. I couldn't find any how-to articles so I just guessed at it and they came out perfect. I used Rit fabric dye in the scarlet color.

    First I got one of the wife's pots and added about 2 cups of water. Then in a mason jar, added 2 cap fulls of dye and about a cup of water. Sat the jar in the pot and brought the pot water to a boil. The dye never did boil. Then I reduced the heat to medium and added the parts in.

    Let them sit for 5 minutes and removed from dye. Then rinsed them under cold water and dried off with paper towels. That's all it is to it! Just be careful with this stuff, whatever it touches, it dyes.

    Here's some pics of the finished parts:

    The reason for the slight color variation is that some of the pieces were solid white and some were transparent white. I know some of you are probably going to question me about not removing all the wires, but I promise they will have plenty of time to dry before I try to use them and the wires will be sleeved.


    Got a little more done. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. All of this was done on a scroll saw. I need to clean the edges but wanted to go on and get some pics up.


    Next thing I started on was the case feet. They will be 2" circles with a piece of 1/8" red sandwiched between 2 3/16" pieces of gray. All pieces will be glued together then bolted to the case. A red LED will be mounted in the center hole to illuminate the foot.

    Cutting the pieces out:

    An example of the layers:

    All the pieces for all 4 feet:


    Pulled the power supply apart and give it a bath in red metalcast paint.

    mg src="" alt="" />


    I got the power supply completed. (Now I remember why I hate sleeving wires. :lol Just your normal sleeve job with a little something extra on the 20 pin plug.


    Tinkered around this evening and got a few more things done.

    I glued all the case feet together and rigged up a LED to get an idea of how it would look. A nice red glow and I'm happy.

    Then I pulled the DVD drive apart and did a few things. Sanded and painted with red metalcast, painted the output section black and changed the LED from green to red.

    Then I played with the bottom piece to see how it would look. I countersunk the mounting holes for the new machine screws and pulled the paper off the acrylic.

    I like the results of the flush mounted screws instead of the others I've used for the mock up. I think I'll be pulling the angle pieces next and sanding/painting them.


    After a little buzz from the paint fumes, I got all the aluminum angle painted. I love this metalcast paint.

    I like the way it looks behind the smoked acrylic.

    Here's a couple shots of the DVD and HDD installed.


    And now for your viewing pleasure.... :lol:

    I got the case feet, devil's tail and the pitchfork mounted. All paper pulled off except the back piece ( still gotta do a little more to it ).

    It's getting close to being finished!!!

    All that's left to do is:

    1. install lighting
    2. finish installing hardware
    3. install switches
    4. wire it all up
    5. clean fingerprints off

    Here's a few pics:

    The pictures do not do it any justice.


    Started on my lighting earlier. I began with the lights for the case feet. The best way I found to lay it out was in a H shape. All that's left to do for them is connect to the switch, but that won't happen till the rest of the lighting is in place. Then I'll connect all of them at once. I used Cat5 cable in this piece. Enough's a couple pics for ya.


    I'm scheming up ideas on the rest of the lighting now. I have a small acrylic box that's a little bit bigger than a pack of smokes that I'm thinking of using as a central light source. Have all the LED's mounted in it and attach it to the front of the motherboard tray. This way there won't be wires going all over the case. Once all the holes are drilled, paint the box black to hide the wiring inside. Not real sure on this, just an idea. Any thoughts? Keep in mind that both 80mm fans on the back panel have LED's.

    Here's the box. It's 2-11/16"W x 3-11/16"L x 1-3/16"H


    First I got the PSU, fans and switches mounted to the rear panel after peeling the paper off the acrylic.

    Then I painted the light box satin black.

    Then started on the wiring job of the LED's.

    The box will have 16 LED's in it. Once I finish the wiring I'll post more pics. Thanks for looking.


    Finally got all the LED's in the light box and wired up. As I was mounting the box, the latch on it broke. I made a bracket from acrylic that will hold it closed. Forgot to take pics of it but you can see it in a couple of the other pics.

    Wiring still in process:

    Mounted box from underneath motherboard tray:

    Overhead shot of the mounted box:

    LED's on with shop lights on:

    and a few shots with the shop lights off:

    Sorry for the blurry shots. My camera doesn't like the dark.


    Case portion of this mod COMPLETE!!! I got everything installed and it's up and running. I forgot to get a new ide cable for it so that's all that's left to do when I get one.

    A few shots:


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    Project Evil .::56k Beware::.

    Oh boy, I'm liking this already and the choice of colors for the main body is going to look super. Thanks for sharing this mod with us. These details like the pitch fork and tail, are they going to be lit by way of LEDs or what is your plan for giving these details what they need to stand out? Again Thanks for the update and photos, and Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project Evil .::56k Beware::.

    Here's a few better shots without all the junk in the background.


    I got the mouse completed today. Painted it metalcast red and dyed the cord red.


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    Project Evil .::56k Beware::.

    Oh boy, I'm liking this already and the choice of colors for the main body is going to look super. Thanks for sharing this mod with us. These details like the pitch fork and tail, are they going to be lit by way of LEDs or what is your plan for giving these details what they need to stand out? Again Thanks for the update and photos, and Happy Modding to ya.
    Thanks for the comments!
    I agree with you on making them stand out better, but I wanted it to be one of those where you have to take a second glance at. You know, kinda subtle features that ya don't really notice till ya take a good look at it.

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    Project Evil .::56k Beware::.

    I understand and I will admit that I had to take a second look to check out the details. It worked just like you planned it. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project Evil .::56k Beware::.

    10 Thumbs UP!

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    Project Evil .::56k Beware::.

    Looks great! Wow! 2 weeks for a whole new case! Welcome to Modders-inc! I can't really say that because I'm not an Admin or anything, but welcome anyway! And does that mouse have two scroll wheels?? Crazy mutant mice! Very evil. You could put a clear 250mm fan on the top... Maybe replace the led's with red. Are those led's the 3.3v ones that they sell in packs of 100 on ebay? I'm asking because I just got some of those and they look the same. I like the center led cluster; it's like the nucleus or something. Very good dremel work too on the flames.

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    Project Evil .::56k Beware::.

    wow thats pretty amazing, those are some really clean cuts too, awesome work!!

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    Project Evil .::56k Beware::.

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Yes, those are the same LED's from ebay.

    The only reason I got it done in two weeks is I'm unemployed right now. :cry:

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