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Thread: birth of a workshop

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    birth of a workshop

    these work tables were on sale (50% off) and are actually quite sturdy, I've been modding on a grubby old table in the back of the house but no more!

    note the MI sticker, which i received in the mail today as well

    located nicely in the garage, ready for all-weather modding, couldnt mod when there was snow on the ground!

    I also bought a small 3 1/2'' vice for the table, again, the one i'd been using was about 25 years old and didnt sit level

    used some modding ingenuity to attach it to the table, seeing as I didnt have any washers handy

    yes those are pennies with holes drilled through them, nobody tell the government i've defaced currency!

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    birth of a workshop

    ROFLMAO!!! Hahahaa! Pennies. WOW. That is rich. Great score man, and hope the man stays off your back about that destruction of federal property....

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    birth of a workshop

    congrats bro!!!
    Files, a nibbler, and spare hooks to use as you grow!


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    birth of a workshop

    Good deal theedge44...

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    birth of a workshop

    lol i've seen those pics of your grubby table. Great deal on the table, it really does look nice.

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    birth of a workshop

    here it is with a bit more on it!
    I love how my dremel and drill bits fit perfectly under the bottom shelf, and it accommodates fair sized cases

    and a tiny bit of modding that won't get its own thread

    nibbled out the fan covers on my old xion2 case

    and alittle bit near the PSU, for wire routing

    then modding the front panel, for some mesh from MNPCtech that will be put in once it arrives

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    birth of a workshop

    When you get the mesh and get it installed it will look good for sure. Thanks for sharing the photos with us, because I really like photos. Keep up the good work and Happy Modding to ya.

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    birth of a workshop

    speak of the devil

    arrived yesterday, but no one was home and I had to pick it up at the post office today.

    Before i put it in though, I want to pick up some thinner and clearcoat, as directed by bill's included instructions

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    birth of a workshop

    I see the mesh, but what are the other items in that box?

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    birth of a workshop

    oh, haha. totally forgot to type that out

    a large sheet of carbon fiber film and a squeegee - no intentions...yet
    and some u-channel trim - good to have around for future projects

    also, I cut out the mesh, but its not glued in or anything. I'll probably make a trip to the hardware store this weekend to pick up some tin snips(to make cutting mesh much, much easier) and the clearcoat & thinner to protect the mesh

    here's a quick cardboard template i used. I used the box MNPCtech used, it was a bonus tool lol

    and heres a test fit of some of the mesh

    and a rear view

    I'm going to be happy with this, it looks a lot better than the original plastic

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