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Thread: The ten dollar Lian-Li

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    The ten dollar Lian-Li

    I have within walking distance of my house a small computer recycling center where people go to pay to have their working electronics taken away and later resold. I frequent the place and sort through the ten dollar computers stacked like wood in their back lot. Now this tuesday, july the 3rd, a thought suddenly occured to me: There is a Lian-Li behind AA (the name of the shop). I had no evidence to back this up and I had not visited the place in about a month. I went and looked, and Lo! There was a silver Lian-Li PC-6x (I don't know the exact model) whimpering in the grass. The computer it contained was decent, a 1.3Ghz Athlon Xp with 512ddr. Not bad. But the case! The glory! Of course, there was a catch. There was no front panel! 8O

    Lots of nasty brown spots everywhere...


    Good lord! Who did this to you, Lian, WHO!!?? :evil:

    That's right, someone DUCT TAPED the motherboard tray in place and filled it with cotton balls. It stays in place fine with screws, but apparently duct tape and cotton balls were needed. Idiots.
    With a little love and soap and water she should be looking top shape, but without a front panel she's most certainly not sea-worthy! I checked Ebay and google products to no avail. You know what this means, Gentleman! A modification is afoot!

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    The ten dollar Lian-Li


    I might even think about extending the cotton balls and duct tape in to the theme...LOL

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    The ten dollar Lian-Li

    LoL. I could call it "sophisticated redneck" :P

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    The ten dollar Lian-Li

    WOW, outstanding. May I come for a visit and together we can go for a walk, like say behind AA. Happy Modding to ya.

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    The ten dollar Lian-Li

    I've gotten all kinds of things from that place.

    100gb hd? $5.
    2.8Ghz Pentium 4 computer? $10.
    All kinds of stuff. Once they shainghigh'ed me into service. No really! I was stopping in for a second and ended up working for like 2 hours moving computers and sorting cables. They paid me $12 and 3 sticks of ram. The barter economy is back!

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    The ten dollar Lian-Li

    Nice fine brightshininglights...

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    The ten dollar Lian-Li

    Its not the face that is hard to make its the mounts. Some nevrdull would clean that aluminum up nicely.

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    The ten dollar Lian-Li

    Good point. I can't really work on the face until I get a metal brake. I also still need to do a lot of planning. For right now this will be an air cooled rig, unless a customer wants water cooling. I don't usually sell my mods, but I plan on more "fixing" this one than modding it too heavily. It's just so well-engineered right now that I can't see it being improved too much more. Right now I'm just focusing on adding more fans. I found out that I can put a 120mm in the front where the two 80's are, but I don't know if that would do more harm than good. Also, I can either add another 80 in the back or put in one 90. I'm thinking two 80's, but let me know what you guys think. As for the mounts, it has plastic cabinet-door-stay style latches, so it shouldn't be to hard to pick up a few of those. I will probably use these case feet

    But I have to widen the feet holes on the bottom of the case for a test fit.

    I will put in a figure-8 style window and put in a fan blowing over the vga area. I washed it pretty well with a damp towel, but I still need to remove the duct tape residue and buff out the scratches. I didn't post pics as you couldn't really see how dirty it was in the first pics so it would be redundant and look basically the same. Also, my current camera runs out of batteries every five minutes, so I take precious few pictures as it takes AA. I need to buff it out, but I don't want to get too sidetracked from the Ogborz. I need a laser cutter!

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    The ten dollar Lian-Li

    Good luck with this build, it should bring you a pretty penny when you get it done. Happy Modding to ya.

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    The ten dollar Lian-Li

    Cotton balls XD
    o-m-g LOL

    btw, that person even made holes in the duct tape so he could screw the 3rdd CD-rom inside the case XD

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