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Thread: Project: Endorphin

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    Project: Endorphin

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    Project: Endorphin

    WOW!! Cool mate

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    Project: Endorphin

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for giving us this wonderful worklog that you have done so far. It's going to be one hum dinger of a mod. Keep up with the great work and I'm going to keep an eye open for this one. Happy Modding to ya.

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    Project: Endorphin

    Whoa big project And awesome too

    btw, welcome to the forums :d

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    Project: Endorphin

    That's one hell of a cool project!And a nice first post!Looks like a very cool project(that we'll all be watching)

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    Project: Endorphin

    dude, where did you get the molex connectors from? Ive been looking for some.

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    Project: Endorphin

    Looking great!

    I would have suggested firewire for the external module... simply because of the extra bandwidth.
    (in case you ever need to use all of the ports, both hard drives, and burn a dvd at the same time)

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    Project: Endorphin

    Yeah, looking good. A word of warning for the enclosure: make sure that you leave usb connectors on the chassis to plug your keyboard, mouse, and any other usb-1.1 devices into. If you plug any low-speed devices into the hub on the external enclosure it'll make the whole enclosure run at 1.1 speeds. Great craftsmanship, and great job getting sponsored! They were just throwing stuff at you! I imagine that they did this because there isn't a heap of modders in SA and they needed advertisement (desperately). :P. Welcome to M-I, hope you stay for a while.

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    Project: Endorphin

    Outstanding...keep the updates coming please!

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    Project: Endorphin

    Thanks for your comments and welcomes guys

    Here's an update for you

    Update time.

    Guys, i have fantastic news

    I have just "signed" with another sponsor. What's even cooler is who the sponsor IS...

    That's right. MNPCTech. MNPCTech is one of the worlds most well known modding companies and their mods are known by most modders worth their salt :P

    So, i'm absolutely ecstatic about the new sponsorship

    And on the way to me right now from MNPCTech in the US, is the following:

    Two Vandal Resistant Switches.


    A set of Billet Machined Aluminium case feet

    I was offered a whole lot of other goodies too but i have everything i need already so i had to decline

    No matter, i will have more projects in the future and i will get some more goodies then :P

    I haven't really modded much in the last two days. Been planning like mad, so modding had to wait. But i did do a little work.

    Here's jack chilling with me while i work:

    So i started work on the motherboard cover. This cover wont be red like i had it in the sketchups. It's

    gonna be white with some red plexi on it

    Lines drawn and measured, ready for cutting:


    Test fitting:


    Absolutely perfect. I wish i had time right now to show you guys what else i'm gonna do with the cover but i don't, and i'm going away for the weekend, so i'll only be back on sunday evening or monday. You guys will get an update then

    Also a little info for you guys. The case itself will be getting anodized. I was thinking of making it red like the plexi i'm using. What do you think? Along with that, i think the heatspreaders on my Mushkin RAM will also be getting anodized.

    Anyway, that's it. Enjoy

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